1 Month Old Baby Caption Baby Girl or Boy

Wow, your baby has been in your life for a month. You’ve followed her journey from scan to delivery, through all the cries, the laughter, the amazing moments they look at you and smile, the times they won’t stop crying and you’re wondering why, the list can go on and on but the wonderful thing about all these is that you have a new baby added to the family.

Now, your baby is officially a month and you really wish to celebrate her or him and you are wondering what to caption a one-month-old baby with, not to worry, I’ve got the best one-month-old baby caption baby girl or boy for you, they are the best caption for this age group.

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1st Month Caption for Baby Girl

It’s the first month birthday of my baby girl!!! I can’t believe she’s 1 month already. The time has flown by so quickly. Happy birthday, baby girl. #1Month

This is our baby girl’s first month in this world, and we can barely contain our excitement… I love you so much, dearie.

Hi, sweet baby! It’s your first month here on Earth. We can’t wait to meet you. I love you, dear niece. 💓

Since the first moment we saw your beautiful face, we’ve been over the moon about raising our miracle baby girl in this world. We can’t wait to watch you grow and introduce you to this special world of ours.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then every moment with our baby girl is a story worth 1,000 pictures. Watching her grow from day to day in all her joy and wonder is everything to me. happy 1st month birthday. 💙💕

I’m absolutely in love with my baby girl, you are such a blessing to this family, I love you so very much.❤️

This first month with you has been the best of our lives. As we hold you in our arms and gaze into those beautiful eyes, we can barely see your tiny face through all of the tears. Thank you so so much for coming into our lives.

I’ve been looking forward to posting this since she was born! Happy 1st month birthday,  baby girl. 💕🎀

30 days and counting and we can’t wait to meet you. Stay cosy little cousin and we will see you soon. #BabyGirl

Our little cutie pie turned one month today, happy birthday. You’re so adorable. 💕

Dear baby girl, you are my world, my everything. I’m getting to know you slowly…one smile at a time. I can’t wait to know you better throughout the years.

How much did I love you at first sight? I’m even loving you more in this first month, I wish you all good things in this life as you grow. Happy birthday, my darling.

You’re the baby of my dreams, darling and I feel so proud being your mum. Happy first month birthday, you’re loved. 💕🎶

What’s cuter than a pic of a baby girl on her 1st month birthday? Absolutely nothing, happy first month birthday to my baby girl.

Baby girl, your first month has flown by so fast 🎈. It’s been such a fun adventure having you and seeing those beautiful eyes each morning, but we know it’s going to be another strong month with you!

🍼🍼🍼 It’s been a month now, and you, my darling daughter will forever be my favorite person. 🗓 Happy 1st month, little princess! 💙

As you celebrate your first month, Baby Girl, May all your firsts bring you joy, and your heart stay warm always. 💗

My baby girl is a month old already. She’s perfect in every way and I love her unconditionally already. Happy birthday, my angel.

There is no feeling like the feeling of a month old baby in your arms. My baby girl is so cute, happy birthday darling.

♥️ My baby girl is 1 month today. 🎊🎉 Thank you for being our little firecracker. We love you so much! ❤️

Hello beautiful. This first month has been a breeze! You’ve been an angel and we love you so much already. 🥰

My princess, you look so cute when you smile. So happy that you are part of this family. Happy birthday, baby girl.❤️💙

It’s been such a joy to see you grow and change since your mom and I had you. Happy first birthday, my darling! 💗

How can you not love a miracle like this? Every day, I’m feeling more and more thankful that we’ve been blessed with her. Happy 1st month birthday, my angel. #BabyGirlsFirstMonth.

♡ This is the first month of your life, my baby girl. We Love You dearly and wish you the very best in life. ♡💗

She’s only 1 month old but she is ready for anything, happy birthday darling. I love you so much.

Hello, world! It’s your stunning 1-month-old girl. Isn’t she just adorable? I love you so very much. 💗

Here she is, our little girl, finally turning a month old. You’re so pretty and loveable. Happy birthday, my darling. 😊

Oh, how a month has passed, but still I marvel at your beauty, my darling. Mommy loves you so much.

The best part is that you are just beginning, but here I am celebrating your one month with so much love and admiration for you. Happy birthday. 😍😘

May your world be filled with joy, laughter, and endless kisses as you clock your first month on earth! Happy birthday, my darling girl.

Happy 1st Month Sweet Pea. We’ve loved watching you grow and we can’t wait to see what the next month brings! #1month

Our little girl is one month old today and I’m so excited!!!  👶😍❤️

Celebrating this little lady’s first month! Happy birthday, my princess.

Our baby girl is already a month old! We’ve been dreaming of her for a lifetime and feeling very blessed to have her finally in our lives. #Happy1monthanniversary

This is my grandbaby. Yes, she is a girl and she looks so cute and adorable. Happy birthday, princess.

1st Month Caption for Baby Boy

Happy 1st month to our sweet baby man! I love you dearly.

Happy first-month baby boy! You are such a blessing to me and I will never trade you for anything. #BabyBoy

Happy first month birthday my handsome little man. You bring so much happiness to our lives. 💙😍

I can’t believe I am celebrating One month already with my sweet baby boy. Happy 1st-month birthday baby boy.

May your life be filled with as much joy as a human being possibly could have. I’m so excited to watch you grow.

For the first time in forever, we’re in love 💕

Hello World, say hi to my son who just turn a month old. Isn’t he the prettiest? 👶

Happy first month Birthday, baby boy! You’re growing up so fast! I love you dearly. #FirstMonth.

When we decided to try for a baby, we had every hope and dream for the child we might be fortunate enough to bring into our lives and you, my boy are all that. It’s an amazing first month with you.

When we first held you in our arms…I knew our dreams already came true. Happy 1st month, sweet boy.

We’re so excited to welcome our son into the world for a month now! Here’s to you, my 1-month-old baby boy. 😱😂

Can’t get enough of this little guy. The moments I get to spend with you are too good for words. 1 month old and already this amazing and awesome. 😊 Can’t wait to see what the next months have to offer.

He’s finally a month old! No matter what measures you take to prepare, nothing compares to the feeling of meeting that little baby face for the first time.

Today is your 1st month Birthday 🥰. You’ve doubled your weight, grew more inches and have brought so much joy to our lives.

One month ago today, we brought our little boy into the world. We have been taking it easy since then, but now it’s time for a shower and a celebration. 👶 💃🏻

One month already? We love celebrating you, my darling. We promise to be here for each moment of your life.

🎂 Happy birthday, my darling. little man! We are so grateful to have you in our family. Be curious, be silly, and love more than anyone else.

What a month it’s been. Happy birthday, my darling son. You are the best. 👶🏻

1st month has gone so fast. I’m amazed by the progress and by how quickly our little man has grown. No matter what tomorrow holds, today I’m celebrating you, sweet boy. 💛😍

This first month has been amazing and we’ve loved every minute of it. Happy 1st month, sweet boy. 🎊🍼🥃☕️

Happy first-month baby boy! 👶 We are so excited to see what this new month has in store for you. 🎉

1st month matters the most… everyone matters. Happy first month, my baby boy.

I have a little baby boy and he is one month old today, so sweet, so kind, so gentle. We adore you already!

Oh my goodness, look at him! He’s one month old today already and still full of cuteness! 😍

So big now! It doesn’t seem like a year ago that we were waiting for you. Happy first month, my baby.

1 month. You’ve already changed our lives. Here’s to the next tiny, but totally huge 1,000 days ☺️💙 You’ve got this little man. 👶

📸 It’s been one month since you entered this crazy world, but it sure feels like you’ve been here much longer. Happy birthday, my darling.

1st Month Baby Captions

We’re celebrating the national cutest baby contest winner, my baby’s 1st month birthday. 💕 Happy birthday, my darling.

Your 1st month was so much fun! As your parents, we now know all the things you will be and the songs you love. Thanks for making it so easy to be your parents.

Happy 1st month, baby girl. We hope you have the sweetest second month! #babygirl

Every morning I look at you and can’t believe we made this little miracle, the 1st month flew by and every day feels like a dream. Happy birthday, my baby.

Oh wow, what a journey it’s been—from what I can remember. 😬 we’re just getting started. Happy 1st month with us!

The first month is in the bag. We’ve got a lot to learn together, but we’re in this together. Happy birthday, my dear.

So happy to have you in our lives, sweet baby. You had me at your first smile. 🙏🤰

Happy first month birthday, my darling, this month with you, my baby has been the best month of my life.

My baby is celebrating his 1st month and I’m so happy to celebrate you! happy birthday to my love. 🎉

Getting ready for the best 1st month of the rest of our life, happy birthday, my baby I love you! 👶🏼‍♂️👨🏼‍👧🤰🏻

You’re already a month old, but I still feel like I met you yesterday. What a joy it is to watch you grow. 🥰

Striving to balance work, life, and the joys of having a brand new baby has its challenges—Happy first month to my little angel. 👶🏻

It’s hard not to look at my new son and think.. “wow. you’re so small. so tiny. so perfect.” Happy first month birthday to you.

And now I’m a mom…so much to learn about this new life. So much to take care of this little bundle of joy. Happy first month birthday to my cute baby. #mommyhood

That new baby smell. We love it and enjoyed it. This is to you, my dear baby at a month old. #newbaby #babyanniversary

A month ago you were just a speck of someone’s dream and today here you are, kicking and cooing as the most perfect person on earth. Love, at first sight, is what I have for you and will always have. ❤️🥰

Seeing the world through your eyes is more amazing than I ever knew possible. Happy birthday to my baby at a month old.

1st Month Beating The Odds! Happy birthday, my darling baby.

Happy 1st month, little one! We can’t wait to watch you grow! 🙌

Oh, what a month it’s been, I can’t believe my baby is already 1 month old. I love you to a million pieces. 💙

It’s been 1 month and we’ve done a lot already! Looks like mom and dad will be busy for months to come! Happy birthday my baby. 👶🏽 #baby

Hi 👋 Welcome to your second month, baby. 👶🏻 We’ve got so much 💚 for you. ❤️

Love you, my baby, so much. You’re a miracle and an incredible blessing. Happy birthday. 🎀💙

Being a mom is the best thing in the world—and I’m at the start of one wild, wonderful ride. Cheers to you, my baby. ❤️

Every day with you is a new adventure. I’m so excited to celebrate each of your firsts. You’re so perfect to me, I love you little guy! 💙💚☀

Sometimes we can’t help but shed a tear or two for the joy we feel, just to show how far we’ve come. 🥰 Here’s to this month and exciting new ones to come!

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