3 Month Old Baby Captions for Baby Girl or Boy

Wow, your baby is three months old and you’re finding it harder and harder to maintain a sense of normalcy and routine. You suddenly find yourself struggling to find ways to take pictures of your little one. Every baby is special and some have access to a special kind of magic. Imagine watching as they go from baby to toddler, watching as they learn to smile, laugh talk, walk, and play and capturing those beautiful moments are the best.

Now that your little bundle of joy is 3 months old, you probably want to celebrate his or her birthday and show the world just what he or she means to you! To make it easier for you, we pulled together a list of the best 3 month old baby caption baby girl or boy to celebrate your newborn’s first birthday.

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3rd Month Caption for Baby Boy

When you’re so handsome, they can’t stop taking pictures of you. Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy. 😘 #BabyBoyMatters

We’re dozing with love today. Happy 3 month birthday, sweet baby. 💙♻

Little man, you have given us so much love. 😍 You added a smile to our faces, made us ache from all the kisses 💕 and have given us so much joy…well that only comes from much love. 😘

Life with little ones is all about the details. It may just be my favourite season with you yet. Happy birthday, my baby boy. #babyboy! 😊

🎂💙💚Our hearts are full of love today as we celebrate the 3rd birthday of our beautiful baby boy. We cannot stop smiling as we look at his precious face. He is healthy, happy, and perfect in every way and I love him.

You’re something special, little man. We’re grateful every day that you entered our lives and we look forward to creating a lifetime full of memories with you. 🎈💭

Your mama and I dreamed you into this world and we could not be more in love!! You bring joy and happiness everywhere you go and we’re grateful every day that we get to be your parents! Happy 3rd month birthday.❤️

You grow and change every single day—every little detail is a story we thought we’d lost, but we uncovered it with our love and pride. Always and forever, we adore you. 🥰

Who knew three short months would fly by? Happy 3 month birthday to my sweet little man. 💕

💚 My boy grew up so fast, didn’t he? 😭😍 Here’s to our favourite moments from these 3 months of loving him.

Beyond thrilled to welcome our gorgeous, healthy baby boy into the world. He’s got a little bit of a head start in the noggin department and we couldn’t be more in love. ❤️

Handsome and Good-Looking now that’s what you are. You’ve touched my heart now so much more on the inside. I love you, handsome boy! 👶🏼 🍼

Meet our cutie-pie baby boy! He is healthy, happy and meeting his milestones – happy birthday to my baby boy at 3 months.

👶 This baby guy is definitely on his way. Already smiling and giggling regularly and looks around more than the average newborn. I  love you and happy birthday.

3 months filled with love, happiness, and growth. We love watching you grow every day. Happy birthday.

Because baby smiles are contagious, my cute boy deserves all the best wishes in the world.

We welcomed a new baby boy to the family three months ago and he’s been a wonderful addition. And everyone has been so helpful and excited about him!

The past three months have been a whirlwind of sleepless nights, endless diaper changes and a lot of love.‭ ‬Welcome to this crazy adventure called parenthood, little one. 💙‭  #3monthsold

3rd Month Caption for Baby Girl

3 months… adorable, loving, smiling, giggling… you’re growing so fast! Cannot get enough of these sweet moments between us. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

You are three months today, and I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. I’ll love you forever and beyond. #sweetbabygirl

🎈🎈 It’s her 1st 3 months celebration! We thank God for your blessing in our lives, you’re just so unique. 🤗

Baby girl, you’re so precious to me! Every day with you is so special. It’s been 3 months already and I love you to infinity. 😍💗

It’s been an amazing 3 months with you, my beautiful daughter. Here’s to much more growing up years to come.😊💕

Your smile lights up my day. And your coos? They light up mine! I love you daily, little one. 😍

Your bright smile lights up our world, just like your bright pink coat, we love you so very much. 😊

Wow, it’s been 3 months today since you came into our lives ☀️😍 We’re looking forward to seeing your smile every day for a long time to come. We love you more than anything. -Mommy

I’m tuckered out from all this cuteness. Happy 3 months, sweet baby girl! #BabyLove

Three months old already! 😲You’re growing so fast, but you’re still our little itty bitty. 😍👶🏽

Wow, look at my beautiful girl! She’s already 3 months old—oh! how the time has flown by. 💕💑

Hello there, little one. 👶🏼👶🏼 You’re three months old already! We can’t believe it! Hope the next year months brings us more joy… 😄👋🏻

Time flies by so quickly! It’s hard to imagine that it was three months ago that you brought our daughter into the world, happy birthday to our darling daughter. 😍😘

Tiny hands grabbing for your index finger—that’s how I’ll remember you. 3 months and 3 days. We love you, my darling daughter. ❤️

She’s calm, patient, and full of joy. The love I have for you will never stop growing. Happy 3 months, my baby girl! We love you to the moon and back. 💕👼

You make our world a little brighter from the first moment we meet you. We can’t wait to see how brightly our life shines. #BabyGirl

My baby girl is the delight of my life. One day she will give me great joy. But until that day comes, I’ll cherish every moment with her, for she is the wonder of my life.

Life is like a bundle of joy; it has its ups and downs. But if you did everything right, someday, your bundle of joy will turn out to be a delicious cute little cherry pie!

You do the most adorable things for no reason at all, and I can’t help but smile even when you’re fussing.

3 months already! It’s amazing how much my princess has changed, bit by bit every day. We love you, darling daughter. 👼🏽

My little angel is 3 months old and she loves tossing her stuffed “panda” into the air and catching it! What a smiley girl. 🐼💕

Like you, my baby girl entered my world and has lighted up my days, my hearts and the world around me, I wish you a happy 3rd Month birthday!


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