4th Birthday Captions for Instagram with Quotes

The fourth birthday is a milestone that most parents, guardians, aunts, or uncles should celebrate for their adorable little ones. You could celebrate them with a party or even something small like a visit to an ice cream shop because they’re in a stage of life where the littlest act of kindness means a lot to them.

And it’s also a great idea if you decide to celebrate them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media networks. You could upload an adorable photo of the celebrant, and then you want a really cute and awesome birthday caption to go with your posts.

The best 4th birthday captions are here for your use. Feel free to use as many as you want.

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For Your Son

Happy 4th Birthday, son! It’s hard to believe he’s already 4! So happy to celebrate his big day with him. #birthday

Wow. Today you’re 4. You’re no longer the baby that we brought home from the hospital. Now, you are a smart little boy who is 4 already. Happy birthday, dear.

Happy 4th birthday to my little prince! Can’t wait to see what you grow up to be. I can tell that you are going to love exploring this world and all it has to offer.

It’s true what they say. Time truly flies. It feels like yesterday we were bringing our son home from the hospital and now he’s 4 already, happy birthday dear.

They grow up so fast, don’t they? I love you and am so proud of you! Happy birthday to my darling son😍.

Happy 4th Birthday to my darling son. I love you so much, my sweet baby boy!!

It’s hard to believe but my little buddy is now four! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

For Your Daughter

Happy birthday to my favourite little human! I love you forever 🐥🙏🏽😍😍😍 #BirthdayCaptions.

It’s my daughter’s 4th birthday today! She’s so much fun and there is never a dull moment with her.

Happy 4th Birthday to my wonderful girl. I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH💗💋

Happy birthday, little angel! You are my little star! I love you😊😍.

Happy birthday to this amazing being. You are the only best kid in the world, you have brought so much love into my life!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby, I’ll always cherish every single moment we shared are still going to share. Love you big.

4 candles, 4 years! I can’t believe it’s been four years since this bundle of joy has been born. I love you so much more than you can ever imagine. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy birthday to my sweet daughter. Looking forward to the joy you will bring into my life as my darling daughter.

Happy 4th Birthday to my baby girl!! I love you so much and I hope you feel loved every moment of your special life!

4 years ago we brought home this sweet little kid of mine & my life was forever changed for the better. Love you sweetheart.

For Your Brother

Celebrating my brother’s 4th birthday. I love you and wish you the best.❤️

Happy Birthday to the best brother in the world! I remember when you were a baby. You will always be my favourite baby.

Happy 4th Birthday to my little bro! He’s already taught me that the world is often more magical. Cheers to all the possibilities that his life can bring.  ☀️

Happy 4th Birthday to my best bud, my little bro! #happybirthday.

The sweetest celebration to our favourite little brother. Happy 4th birthday.

You are the most beautiful brother in the world. Happy 4th birthday, my special boy!

Today I’m celebrating my brother’s birthday with lots of hugs and kisses🎂, 🎈Happy birthday, kiddo.

For Your Sister

My sister is turning four. FOUR!!! 😱😥😳 Gosh, am I so HAPPY. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Oh my gosh, my little sister is 4 years old today 😭😭😭 Happy birthday, pumpkin.

Time flies but the memories remain with us, that’s why I love to make for some pretty sweet moments with this cute sister of mine. 🤗Happy birthday, sweetheart.

My cute sister turns 4 years old, she’s getting so big 😍💕 Happy birthday, darling.

😃🎂🍰 Happy 4th birthday to my sugarpie. Love you big, little sister.

Happy Birthday to my baby sister. May you grow more and more like beautiful flowers every day. 🌹🌿

Happy birthday to my baby sister. You’re growing up so fast and soon and I’m loving it.

Wow, my baby sister is already turning 4! Happy birthday to this cute pumpkin of mine.

Happy birthday to the cutest little baby sister ever. Love you big⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #LuckyFour.

Turning 4 is a big day for little sister and it’s also a fun day, yes. so I’m going to make it extra special. 4-everrrrrrr! 🎉🎈🎂 #4th_bday.

For Your Niece

Happy 4th birthday to my cute little niece! Love you big. #blessed #iloveyou.

Happy 4th birthday, sweet niece!!! I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you. 🎁 🎈 🎂🍰.

Sweet sweet birthday to my cute niece…you are loved so much 😘🎉 #birthdaykids4th

Happy Birthday to my little niece.🚂❤️ You are my everything, you’ve continued to awe and inspire me every single day of life.

My heart is expanding and I feel like it’s going to burst—in the best way. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart🎈🎂.

Happy 4th birthday to my gorgeous niece, like seriously how cute are is he!  😍❤️

Happy 4th Birthday to my favourite little girl. You have made our family complete! I love you so much… 🐒 🐶🥰

Happy 4th Birthday to my #niece! May your day be filled with so much fun.

Oh my goodness, my cute niece is 4 already and she’s already creating dramas every single day – how time flies. Happy birthday, dearie.

I’m so excited to celebrate my beautiful niece turning 4 years old. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

For Your Nephew

Happy 4th birthday, my sweet nephew. I can’t put into words how much joy and love your sweet self has brought to my life. Keep shining bright! 🌈 #nephewday.

Happy birthday and sweet congratulations to my gorgeous nephew! Today is your special day! Have a blast!

Happy birthday sweet boy, I hope you have an extraordinary day. Love you loads.

Happy birthday to my baby boy! You are such a blessing to me & so much fun to be around. I love you with all of my heart!

To the sweetest, funnest #4 years old in the world! Happy Birthday sweet nephew.

Happy Birthday Great Nephew! We are blessed to have you in our family. You make us laugh with your sense of humour and your curiosity. You are a light in this world that brings joy to your parents and everyone.

My little nephew is growing up so fast. Happy 4th Birthday! I love you dearly❤.

For Your Cousin

BIG happy 4th birthday to my cousin brother, you won my heart 4 years ago and you’re still winning it.

Happy 4th birthday to my favourite cousin! Love you hugely.

To the best, cutest 4th birthday girl ever, a very happy birthday to you. #4thbirthdaysarethebest.

It’s my cousin brother’s 4th birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!

4 years on the planet already. Happy birthday to my sweet cousin sister🎉. #birthday #family.

#happybirthday to my sweetest, cutest, funniest cousin! You are growing up so fast!! 🎂 😘😚

what a wonderful day celebrating the birthday of my cousin, happy birthday dear #wonderfulbirthday.

4 years already? Happy Birthday, cousin brother! I can’t wait for you to be so big. 🎂

Happy birthday to my favourite cousin brother. I love you so much!

Little cousin is turning five today, wish your day will be filled with the sweetest fun. 🎂

Happy birthday, cousin! Wishing you lots of laughs, smiles and fun. #4BirthdayCelebration.

For Your Boss’s Daughter

Happy 4th birthday to my boss’s daughter. 🤗I know you are going to have the best of fun today.

Happy Birthday to my boss’s daughter! Can’t believe how fast this kid is growing up. She’s 4 years old today. Happy birthday. Love ❤️❤️you.

Happy Birthday to my boss’s little girl. 4 is the best age and it looks good on you. 😜😊 #bossbabies4thbirthday ##.

👑 👑 🎂 🎉 wishing my boss’s daughter a happy 4th birthday today! 💕👑👑 May your day be filled with so much fun.

So excited to celebrate this little one’s birthday today… happy birthday to my boss’s daughter! 🎊🎉😍

Happiest of Birthdays to the most gorgeous little human in the world! Have fun, dear.

Happy Birthday to the daughter of my boss. 🥰 Love you big.

The happiest of birthday wishes to the sweetest boss’s daughter ever. Have fun.

Happy birthday to my boss’s daughter. May all your days be filled with smiles and laughter, sunshine, and sprinkles.

Celebrating my boss’s daughter’s 4th birthday🎉🎈. May you live to celebrate many more.

For Your Boss’s Son

Celebrating my boss’s son’s 4th birthday. Love you and wish you the best.

Happy Birthday to my little adorable boss’s son. Hugs and kisses from me to you.

Happy 4th birthday to the best boss’s kid around 🎉😘 Your best is yet to come.

This is it, my boss’s son is officially 4 years old, Happy birthday, kiddo.

He’s been in this world for 4 years now and he’s turned into a great big brother…Happy birthday, dearest.

To my dearest baby boy, the sweetest, most adorable, funny, affectionate, and hilarious 4-year-old I know—I miss you every day we’re apart. I am so excited to celebrate your day with you.

Happy 4th birthday celebration for my boss’s child. Look at how well he’s enjoying himself. Love you kid.

For Your Grandchild

Happy Birthday to my sweet grandson. Today you are four years old. I raise thee up high and bless thee with wisdom, love, joy, peace, and talent. May you grow up in the world with happiness and health.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sunshine, I love you dear and wish you the best in life.

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet granddaughter! Love you so so much!

happy 4th birthday to my brightest and biggest blessing, love you bid, little one!

Happy 4th birthday to my precious peanut! I love you with all of my heart.

Happy 4th Birthday dearest! May all of your wishes come true. I love you so much! 💜👶❤️

Today you are 4 years old. You shine with the joy of your own brand of mischievousness. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing. The clock is ticking, it seems. Happy birthday, love!

Look at my granddaughter… growing up so fast. What a wonderful day for balloons and cookies. 🎂🎈Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Because happiness is found in the simplest of pleasures… Like celebrating my grandchild’s 4th birthday with love and kisses!

Happy 4th birthday to my grandson. I remember the first time you smiled at me and I felt like the luckiest person alive. I love you so much, we all do!

Happy 6th birthday to my precious granddaughter! love you and wish you the best.

For a 4-year-old on his birthday, the only thing that is better than fun toys is more toys! Happy birthday, dearest.

A special day to celebrate my grandchild, Happy 4th Birthday, sweet girl.

My little munchkin is turning 4 years old today! Love you, dear.

Happy 4th birthday to my little buddy!! ❤️🎉👶🤶 Love you to the moon and back.

For Your Friend’s Child

Happy 4th Birthday to the most adorable baby girl ❤️ 🎁👰🏼💝 Love you, little pumpkin.

Today is the day! My little munchkin turns 4!!  Happy birthday, buddyoo. 🐵🎉🎁

Let’s celebrate the fact that my friend’s daughter is another year older today! Happy 4th birthday, girl!!

Happy 4th birthday to my favourite little buddy!💕🎂😍 4 candles and celebrating what a beautiful, brave, smart, generous, strong & kind little person you are today. We love you so much, baby girl!

Happy 4th birthday, my love! I’m so proud of you. Love you to the moon and back. 🌙👩‍🎤

To my favourite 4th birthday buddy, you mean the world to me. 🌈💕

Oh, how the time has flown! I am so proud of you, buddy. Love you big.

Happy Birthday to the most adorable 4-year-old on this side of the planet.

Happy 4th Birthday to my best friend’s daughter. Heart you big darling!

Happy Birthday to my amazing friend’s son! You are such a great kid! I hope the rest of the day is filled with lots of love, happy fun times, ice cream, cake, laughter, and cookies. 🤗

Here’s to the little human that has made the earth a better place ❤️ This is for you, my darling! All my love to you 🥰🎂#birthdaygirl.

happy birthday, sweetheart, 😍 love you always and forever. You are such a fun kid to be around. Love you big.