52nd Birthday Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Wow! 52 years of living on this blessed earth. This should be a very special birthday for you ’cause you are a special person, it should be a time for you to show appreciation and gratitude for life and the years gone, to be glad for the new year you’re entering.

Being 52 is such a great deal, might not seem to some as a milestone but I tell you, it definitely is and it’s so great that you are here looking for 52nd birthday captions to celebrate yourself and your loved ones.

I believe we have the best 52nd birthday captions for your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I’m sure you’ll love them. Have fun choosing the best!

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For Yourself

Happy Birthday to me! Celebrating my self with so much love, joy and happiness in my heart. So grateful for the gift of life and family life has given me.

Congrats to myself for turning 52 and wishing myself many more to come! Thanks to my family and friends who always makes every year special for me. ❤️ #oldish.

As I celebrate a landmark birthday, here’s a toast to all that makes me happiest. Cheers to celebrating the ordinary moments but special moments. #birthday

Happy birthday to me! That’s right, I’ve made it this far in life. Even with all the turns along life’s path, I feel like I am where I am supposed to be, right now and I’m wishing myself the best.

Here’s to me! 🍾 Being alive is the present I want every year with no regrets- just good times ahead. Cheers to me 52nd birthday. 😊

Today marks my 52nd birthday. Time sure does fly! Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and made my road less bumpy. Happy birthday to me.

Today is my 52nd birthday, I vow to continue loving myself and my family, striving to be better, and achieving all that I’m capable of!!! Happy birthday to me.

For Your Friend

Happy birthday to my sweet and loving friend! She has such a beautiful soul with an amazing glow that is hard to miss. I seriously love her so much ❤️ Have a happy and prosperous year ahead.

Happy birthday to one of the most loyal, generous, and giving friends I’ve ever met. I love you so much with all my heart. 💕

Happy Birthday to my dear friend! I’m so glad to know you and grateful for your friendship. Hope you have the best year ever yet. ☺ #birthday #friend.

Happy Birthday to one of the most fun, kind, and generous people I know! You are the best! Wish you a very Happy Birthday! You are my Rock and I am grateful to be your friend.

Happy happy BIRTHDAY to our favourite friend. Here’s to many more years of friendship, love and kindness. I feel so lucky to have a friend like you who brings so much sunshine and joy to others 🌞🎉 #happybirthdayfriend #shineyourloveon.

Today is my friend’s 52nd birthday. I’m wishing her a very happy birthday. She’s been such a wonderful friend and mentor. Here’s to 52 more years. 😊 #birthday.

Happy birthday to my best friend. Your unique outlook on life always keeps me going. Thank you for showing me what it means to be kind and generous. You’re my soul sister. Cheers to many more birthdays to come.

For Your Husband

Happy birthday to my dear husband. I’ll always love you and feel so lucky to have you in my life.

Sweetheart, I’m so proud to call you my husband and best friend. Here’s to 52 more years of adventures together! Happy birthday, you’re the best. 💗🎉🤶♥️

52 and holding! I’m so proud of you, honey. You’re the best husband and dad in the world! The kids and I love you so much.

Happy Birthday, My Love, 🎈🎉 I love you so much and will always treasure you!!! You are my best friend, my partner in crime and the love of my life.

Happy Birthday sweet husband of mine! Each year I love you more and more. Here’s to the next 52 years of happiness and love together with you. 😘

To my favourite person… Happy birthday and many more birthdays to come! I’m over the moon for you, my soulmate and my best friend. I love you, baby. #husband #bearded #BeardLove #maleswag.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most selfless man I know! I love you so much, birthday man. 😍😍 I wish this year will be OUR big year and full of all the good things of life.

For Your Wife

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, my best friend and the love of my life. Life has always been sweeter with you. I love you so much! 🎂❤️

Happy Birthday to a wonderful wife, best friend, and mother. You’re the love of my life and I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us.

Happy birthday to my wife and best friend at 52, I’m so crazy in love with her. I hope this will be a year full of our best memories yet!

Happy birthday to this beauty of a wife that life gave me. You have given me the world and a love that never stops. I swear I will always do my best to make you happy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! Love you bunches. 👰🏻

Happy Birthday, love of my life. You are 52 times the best wife I could’ve ever wished for. I love you so many much.

Happy birthday to my wife whose love for me is deeper than any ocean and her heart is pure gold. Thank you for being the most beautiful woman in the world. I love you to pieces.

To my wife, the sweetheart of my heart and soul of my world. I love you so much. You’re my best friend and confidante, my partner in parenting our beautiful and amazing children. I appreciate you so much. Happy Birthday my love! 💕

For Your Son

Happy birthday, my handsome son! You’re the best! Here’s to your 52nd year on this planet. I wish you the very best son.

Happy birthday son, I love and you very much. Looking forward to celebrating more special days with you today! 🎉

Dear son, what a joy it has been to watch you flourish, sweetie. I really love being your mom. You have always challenged me to be a better person. Happy birthday to you, my handsome son. 🎂

Happy birthday, buddy. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become and can’t wait to see where life takes you next. 🎉 #happiestbirthdayever.

Cheers to my son who is 52 today. I love you son and appreciate every day that I have with you. My wish for you is health, happiness, all the good things of life.

Happy birthday to my son who has always been inspiring and continues to be. I couldn’t love you more each day!

Today my son turns 52. I am grateful for this time we have shared and thankful for all the memories, the gift of friendship and love. Happy birthday, my darling son.

For Your Daughter

Happy Birthday to my favourite person, my first BFF and my daughter! I love you and miss you so much! I hope you are having a wonderful day with lots of fun and laughter with your family!

Happy 52nd birthday to my sweet daughter. The last 52 years has been a wild ride but you’ve handled it like a total champion. Keep making us smile and bringing so much joy into our lives. 💗🎉

Dear daughter, Thanks for being the best daughter I ever could have asked for. I love you and your amazing personality! Have a great year ahead.

Happy Birthday to my baby girl! You are the love of my life. I love you so much and am the luckiest dad in the world. Love Dad.

One of my favorite parts about being a dad: Watching my daughter become herself. Happy Birthday to this amazing lady, I love you more every day!

Happy birthday to my dear daughter. I have been lucky enough to know you for 52 years. You are the best daughter in the world and I thank God every day that he put you in my life. Have an amazing year ahead.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful daughter, wife and mother. Thanks for making a grandparent to your wonderful kids. ❤️ I love you so much and am so blessed to have you in our lives!

For Your Brother

Happy Birthday to my big brother! Here’s to 52 years of memories with a lifetime ahead. Love you big guy! #happybirthday #brother.

Happy birthday to my big brother. You make me proud and prove that age is just a number. Keep living life and enjoying it every day. I love you. 🎈 ❤️ #happybirthday.

Happy birthday to my favourite brother!!! I love you and hope you have the best year possible !!! 🎉🎈😘 .

Moments like these are what make life special. Happy birthday my dear brother, love you to infinity and beyond 😘.

👨‍🎂 Happy birthday, sweet brother! Thank you for always being there for me. Life wouldn’t be the same without you. Love you lots. 😘

🍀 Happy Birthday, my sweet brother. 💛 It’s been a rough year…I hope this year brings you all your heart’s desire and many more.

Happy birthday bro and you’ve been my best friend since we were kids .. you’re a huge part of me … May this year be the opening of many great things in your family.

For Your Sister

Life is a journey. Celebrate the beautiful moments, dear sister and remember to take time to enjoy the year with family and friends. Happy birthday, dearest. 🌹 #HappyBirthdaySis.

Happy Birthday to my sister who’s more like a second mom to me and the best friend I could ask for – wish you all things healthy, happy, bright and rewarding- you deserve nothing but the best. 😊

Happy Birthday to my sister and the best gift life could ever give to anyone. Thanks for your friendship and love and sisterhood. You sure make a good wife and mother!

To my sister at 52. 🎊🍾☕️👯 Thanks for always loving me and challenging me to do the same. I really enjoy learning from your great example. I love you silly, sis!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful #sister! I love you more than anything on earth. 💕🎈 Hope you have the best day ever with lots of love and smiles!

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! You’re the best sister in the whole world. Thank you for being such an amazing example to me and the most loving person I know. Here’s to you and your new age. 💕😘 #happybirthday.

Happy Birthday My Life’s Beau. I love you so much and hope that this year brings you all the happiness, joy, love, and success you deserve. Have a wonderful day dear sister.

For Your Uncle

There are superheroes, and there are regular people. My uncle is a hero because he is the nicest, most loving man ever. I love you. #uncle #52.

Happy birthday to the man who taught me everything I know about being the person I am now. 52 never looked so good. Happy birthday, Uncle! 😎 #unclesbirthday #52. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Happy Birthday to the man who’s always there for me when I need him. Hoping you have a birthday as wonderful as you are. It’s been great having you as an uncle. love you! ❤️

Happy Birthday to my uncle, one of the most authentic people that I know. Love you so much and don’t ever stop being you!

Happy Birthday to you! I hope the year ahead is filled with a lot of love and happiness as you continue your adventure of life. Wishing you a day of celebration, let the party begin. #HappyBirthdayUncle

Happy Birthday to my best guy and uncle. ❤️ I’m so lucky to have an uncle like you. Cheers to 52 years of friendship! You deserve all the good things of life!

Happy birthday to the man who has been my confidant, my defender, my teacher and the person who’s loved me almost as long as I’ve been alive, You are forever in my heart! #birthdayuncle.

For Your Aunt

My aunt is 52 years old today and her love knows no bounds. Her bright shining light of love has been with me for every step of my life. I have found a deeper appreciation for everything that she stands for and I love her so much and wish her the best in life.

On a beautiful birthday like this, we need to celebrate the moments that make us smile and take a pause to remember what’s worth living for. Happy birthday to one of the sweetest women I know – my aunt. I love you, ma.

Best birthday wishes to my aunt, who has always been the kindest and most generous soul I know. Wishing you so much joy today and always. Happy birthday to you. ❤

Happy Birthday, dear aunt. It’s been a year of love and laughs! Hope you are having the best time on your special day. You’re simply the very best.

☺️Happy birthday, dear aunt. Thank you for being the best aunt, mentor, advisor and friend I could have asked for. Happy 👯 birthday to one of my favorite ladies in this whole wide world! With much love from me to you.

Happy birthday to my aunt. Thank you for being my auntie. I love you and am grateful I get to call you family. 52 has never looked so lovely. 💕🎉

Happy Birthday, sweet aunt! I love you so much and am grateful for all of the ways that you’ve loved me from way back. What a blessing it is to have a bright light like you in our family.


Happy birthday to the best dad in the world. You have always been my inspiration and I am forever thankful that you are the woman I get to call mom and my biggest cheerleader❤️.

What I love about my dad is that he always has great stories to share whenever we’re together. Happy birthday, Dad! And thank you for being such a strong and kind role model, always.

My dad just turn 52 today. He loved you so. Thank you for all your love and good wishes throughout the years. I’m so glad so glad to be your child.

HBD to my dad! A man full of love, strength and adventure who makes everyday feel like heaven.

Here’s to the best dad in my life and the most adventurous man I know. I’m so proud of all you have done in your life and am really excited to see where the next 52 years takes us! Happy birthday dad.

Happy birthday to my dad, the most fun-loving person I know! I hope you have an amazing week and a great birthday!

Happy 52nd Birthday! You were my role model growing up—a hard worker and a guy who always had time for his kids. You’re a great man, dad, I’m so grateful that you’re a part of my life.

Happy Birthday Dad! I am so blessed that you are my father. You are the most incredible dad I could ever ask for. You make me laugh harder than anyone else, and you have always had my back in every situation imaginable.

Happy Birthday, Dad—you’ve helped us so much, you don’t even know. I love you and am extremely grateful for everything you’ve done for us.

Happy birthday to my father, the most entertaining man I know!
my first hero and I still look up to him as my biggest role model. Love you daddy! ❤️


Being a mom is the best drug ever. 👶 💍 with a smile as bright as your love of flowers. Wishing you an amazing year, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to the coolest mom in the universe! We love you so much and hope you have a great day full of laughter — just like you!

Happy Birthday to my mother, my best friend, and the most wonderful person in my life. I love you more than words can say! Happy Birthday Mom! Love You!

What’s more rewarding than being with my mom when she makes life changes and celebrates a milestone? Happiest birthday to the best mom ever.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much. I hope you have the best day ever. Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight.

Happy Birthday Mom! You’re my best friend, my role model, and my heart. I love you with all my soul.

Happy birthday to my mom, the most fashionable woman I know. We love your style and have always admired your sense of self and daring fashion choices.

Happy Birthday Mom. My hero, my best friend. I hope you know how much you mean to me and the world.🎈

Happy Birthday Mom! You are an amazing woman and the best mom in the world. Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

Happy Birthday to the woman who has inspired my whole life. You’re an amazing mom, and a even better person. Love with all my heart. 💚😘 #HappyBirthdayMom

Happy birthday Mom! Your smile lights up a room and your hugs keep it light all day. I love you #happybdaymom❤️.

For Your Nephew

Happy birthday, sweet nephew, you’ve always been a light in my life. 52 isn’t just another number it marks the 52 years of smiles, hugs, and memories we’ve shared. Here’s to many more years good things. I love you bro

Happy Birthday, nephew. Wishing you a lifetime of happy memories and sunshine. Lots of love, nephew. 😎 🎊 ❤️🐥##

Happy birthday, sweet nephew! Thank you for all your love and kidness you’ve shown me. You make our family a brighter place. I love you so much. 🎂🎁

I’m a proud uncle of an awesome nephew. I’m grateful for the lessons he’s taught me about hard work and for all the laughs we share! Happy birthday, man. Love you loads.

Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew on the planet, You are one of the kindest souls that I’ve ever met. I love you. ❤

Happy birthday, dear nephew! I’m so grateful for your wise guidance and humor. Can’t wait to celebrate with you more birthdays. 🎉 Love you plenty.

#Happy Birthday to this wonder man, with 52 chapters of wisdom and sweet memories in the making. I love you man, do have a great year ahead.

For Your Niece

My niece is my favourite person on this planet and I am so thrilled she’s celebrating her 52nd birthday today. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Today is a special day, my sweet niece turns 52. Words will never be able to express how much I love you. Warm wishes from me to you.

Loving the simple thrill of being alive to celebrate you. Happy Birthday, sweet niece! You’re still my beautiful niece from 52 years ago. I love you. Hope your day is filled with lots of fun and laughter!

Happy birthday to my dear niece! You are so special and you’ve always been a light in my life—a shining star of joy. I hope someday you know how much you’re loved and appreciated. Love you!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful niece, who always finds a way to make me laugh and is full of life and love. We all love you very much! #loveyou.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece! Here’s to another year of joy and love for you, my darling niece. Love you, dearly.

For Your Cousin

Happy birthday to my cousin who is a true inspiration to me with his acts of kindness and bravery. I love you dearly.

Happy birthday to my favourite cousin and friend! What a memory-filled 52 years it’s been. I love you so much and am so glad you are in my life! #happybirthdayfamilymember.

Happy Birthday, Kylie! I hope you have an amazing year ahead of you!!! I love you and miss you so much!! Thanks for making me feel so loved and happy all these years.

Happy Birthday to my favourite cousin who made me believe I could always do anything, and inspires me every day to be a stronger person. You are the best and I love you.

🎈🎉🍾👀 Happy Birthday, cousin. Thank you for being the sweetest, most giving and patient person I know. Love you to the moon and beyond…

Today, I am thankful for my cousin and his big heart. He has such a beautiful and amazing soul. Happy birthday, I wish you the very best in life. Love you Cuz!

Happy Birthday, cousin. 💕 You are not only my cousin but you are also my truest friend. I love you to the moon and back.

For Your Brother-In-Law

Happy Birthday, Brother-in-law! You’re a wonderful husband and father and an even better in-law. I wish you many more fun times with the family.

Happy Birthday to my amazing brother-in-law! Age is just a number, and you are as vital and capable as ever. Enjoy another year of laughter, adventure, and celebration. 🎉

Happy birthday to my brother-in-law! You’re the coolest in-law ever. I’m so thankful for your friendship and the way you always keep me smiling. #HBD #🎂 😎 #happybirthday.

Happy 52nd birthday to my favourite brother-in-law! You’re one of a kind. I am proud to have a brother-in-law like you and I love you always. HBD! #happybirthday.

Happy birthday to my brother-in-law who is so near and dear to my heart, he’s the hardest working brother in law you’ve ever seen! Have a great year ahead, bro.

Happy birthday to the best brother-in-law anyone could ask for! You are always there when I need you. I love you and hope you have an amazing year ahead.

🎂🍰🍰🍰 Happy Birthday to my dear brother-in-law! I’m so grateful for your friendship, jokes and good times! Love you bunches!

For Your Sister-In-Law

So grateful to celebrate the birthday of my sister-in-law today. She is an amazing human being and also my best friend. I love her so much. 💕 😄 #HBD.

Happy Birthday to the funniest, most beautiful person I know. So blessed to have a sister like you, to laugh with and love through the years.

To my amazing, beautiful, sister-in-law who is turning 52 today! How did you get so elegant in such a hurry?! I feel blessed to have you as my sister-in-law. Love you loads and hope you have the best year yet.

Happy birthday to my pretty sister-in-law who turns 52 today… it’s hard to believe you are 52… I can’t wait for you to celebrate more birthdays. ❤️ #birth.

Congratulations dear brother-in-law on your 52nd birthday! Your sweet spirit is a gift that’s valued by everyone. Cheers to the very best birthday, happy birthday. 🎉💗 💕☀🎂😀❤

Happy 52nd birthday, dear sister-in-law!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely self with us. I’m so excited to celebrate with you today. Love you!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister-in-law. you bring us so much joy every day and I feel so lucky that God put you in our family. I love you so much!

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