5th Birthday Captions for Instagram with Quotes

A birthday is a wonderful day to celebrate five years of life and love with your child, niece, nephew, cousin. It is a time to reflect and to honor their place in your life. Often, the time between a child’s first and fifth birthdays is marked by a great deal of growth and change. The person who emerges from the five-year period, while still very much a child, is different in some ways than the one who was born.

You could decide to share their pictures on social media, but how do you caption these photos so they are interesting to the rest of the world? It can be difficult to come up with captions for your precious little ones, but with a little help from us, you can get lovely and beautiful 5th birthday captions that you’ll love and will make your post lovely and sweet. Feel free to pick from the birthday captions below, enjoy.

For Your Son

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5 years ago my son was born, and the world changed. Here’s to more years of joy, wonder, inquisitiveness, and discovery 💙Happy birthday.

What an incredible 5 years we have had together Happy birthday son!!

Happy Birthday little guy! You are the sweetest, most easy-going, and creative child I know. Can’t believe you’re 5 already!

I can’t believe my baby is getting so big 💙🎈 he’s the happiest and funniest kid I know 😂 Happy birthday to you, dear.

Today I celebrate the birthday of a wonderful little boy who makes my life so fun and exciting. Happy birthday, dearest.

Can’t believe my boy is 5! Every wish for you is a dream come true. I can’t wait to see what your future holds, and will always treasure all the memories we have made so far. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy 5th Birthday, my sweet baby! I love you so much and can’t believe that your birthday is already here. The past 5 years have flown by so quickly, but at the same time, I can’t imagine a day without you in it.

For Your Daughter

Happy birthday to my 5-year-old daughter. I hope that all her dreams and wishes come true. ❤︎

Happy 5th birthday my dear sweet daughter! You’ve changed so much over these 5 years—you’ve grown up so fast! Can’t believe you’re already this big. Love you dearly.

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter From my heart, hugs, and kisses to you. I am her biggest fan and she makes me so happy.

My baby is turning 5. This is to celebrating another reason to love you, my sweet girl. 😘😍 #happybirthday.

Happy birthday to my sweet girl. Hoping your day is full of love, cuddles, and sunshine 😘 Love you dear.

Today my baby girl turns five years old, and I’m so happy to have raised you to be the awesome, funny, silly kid you are today. Thank you. ##.

Let’s celebrate my darling daughter turning 5! Let the good times roll. 😍 It wouldn’t be a good life without you #happybirthdaytoyou.

For Your Brother

All the best 🎂 to my little brother who’s turning five today! I can’t wait to celebrate him today.

Celebrating the birthday of my little brother’s 5th year. It’s been a wonderful journey for us these last five years. I hope you add many birthdays to your life.

Today marks the 5th Year that my brother has been in the world. Since his birth, he has grown in both height and understanding. From taking his first step to having his first word, he has so much fun and I love him.

Happy Birthday to the best brother anyone could ever ask for and a wonderful friend too. I love you.

Happy 5th birthday to my amazing little brother. I am so proud of you and how you have grown up to be such a kind-hearted, intelligent and well-mannered young man. Love you big.

What a privilege, to have such a wonderful person as a brother. Happy 5th birthday, my dear brother. May every day be as amazing for you as today is. Love you.

My best friend and brother is five today. He’s such a great kid who I’m blessed to have grown up with me. Wish you the happiest birthday little brother 🎂

For Your Sister

OMG. I can’t believe she’s 5! But I’m so excited to see what the next year brings. Happy Birthday to my cutie-pie sister. So much adventure still ahead 👼.

I am so lucky that my sweet sister is a killer ray of sunshine, I love you, little sister. Here’s to your growing up strong and smart. I’m so proud of the beautiful girl you are becoming. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Little One! 5 is the sweetest number. 💕 Here’s to many more years of laughter…

To my favorite sister, I love you and am so happy to celebrate your beautiful day with you today. 😘👧 Happy birthday.

Happy 5th year birthday to my baby sister, and the best girl in the world. Love you to the moon and back! 💕‍♀️

One of my favorite things about being your sister is all the fun we have together. Happy 5th birthday! I love you! ❤️.

AWWWW! Happy birthday to my sweet girl, congrats on 5 years!! Love you dearly.🎉👶🏽 #Happy5thBirthday.

For Your Nephew

Happy Birthday to my little nephew. You are 5 today! Oh my goodness how did you get here? Happy Birthday 👦🎉.

5 years have flown by so quickly. You are a superstar in every sense of the word and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for us. Happy Birthday buddy!

My nephew’s 5th birthday is today! I am so happy to help celebrate such a fun age! Love you dear #nephew5thbirthday.

My nephew is 5years old today and guess what! What an amazing kid with a great sense of humor. He makes me proud!

Happy birthday little dude! May you have a life full of fun and laughter ahead. Love you.

Happy 5th Birthday to my bright shining star nephew! We can’t wait for you to get older and celebrate more birthdays.

5th 🎂 birthday party today for my nephew. Wish you the best in life.

For Your Niece

5 years old…where does the time go? It’s already been FIVE years since we got to meet you. You’re such a big girl now. I so look forward to seeing what your future holds. Happy birthday, dear.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetheart! 5 years ago we were blessed with the best gift ever and that’s you.

My baby niece has finally blossomed into a big girl and that’s still a lot of growing to do, but I’m so excited for you! Keep on Growing and Happy birthday to you.

Happy 5th birthday to my little niece! Today is your day –and you’re the star of it. Love you. #fiveyearsstrong.

Wishing my little buddy a great 5th birthday! Thank you for being the most wonderful nephew ever. Love you loads.

Happy birthday to my big little girl, the best niece ever 🎂🎉 Love you, dearly.

I’m so glad to be your uncle, dear niece. 🎉 Thanks for powering your family and friends with all the wonderful memories. Happy Birthday.

For Your Boss’s Son

Happy Birthday to my little buddy, big boss man. 🎈🍰 Happy 5th birthday.

This little man is the heart of my life. Celebrating my boss’s son’s 5th birthday and I can’t believe he’s five! Happy birthday my love! #myheart ❤.

Say whaatttt?! It’s my little boy’s 5th birthday today!! Happy birthday, sweetheart #iloveyouverymuch ❤️

Happy 5th birthday to my little guy! Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with you. Congrats!!! 🎈🎉.

5 years old and my little pumpkin is one cool dude. Who could resist a face like that? I couldn’t, that’s for sure. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I hope you enjoy your day, boy. Love you big.

Happy birthday to my boss son who has taught us all a lot about living life with joy and laughter. Love you dearly.

For Your Boss’s Daughter

Happy birthday to the most wonderful boss’s daughter in the world! I love you and hope your day is filled with all the fun and laughter you’ve brought to our lives these past 5 years. 🎉

Happy birthday to my boss’s daughter! hope it’s an amazing day 👨🏽‍🎓☕️.

It’s hard to believe my little princess is five years old. 🎂 Love you big.

Celebrating the sweetest little girl on her 5th birthday! Happy Birthday, I love you! 🎉🎂.

I love you very much and am so incredibly proud of the big girl that you are. Happy Birthday!

Wow, 5 years old already, how time flies when you’re having fun. Happy birthday, dearest. #happybirthday👼.

Happy 5th birthday to the coolest little dude I know! Love you big. ❤️

For Your Friend’s Child

Today is the magical day, my friend’s child turns 5 years old! Love her so much.

Happy 5th Birthday! 🎂 Here’s for many more years of being sweet, and being the best child ever. I love you! ❤️ ##.

🎉 Happy Birthday to my special friend’s child, love u so much 😘😘😘🎊🎊🎉.

I’m so excited to celebrate my friend’s son’s 5th birthday! Help me wish him a happy birthday!

Here’s to you, baby girl! I love you and can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays. Have an awesome day!!! 😘.

Happy Fifth Birthday to this kid. I love you beyond the moon and back. You’re always in my heart.

Happy birthday to the most special kid in my life. I love you, little angel. 💗

Happy 5th birthday teddy bear! You will always be my baby. Love you loads.

Sending cheerful vibes to my friend’s little angel on her birthday. ❤ It’s your birthday! have some cake 🎂🎈.

Today, my little man is five…🎉 What? He’s growing up way too fast.

👩‍👦‍👦 It’s your birthday, and we’re celebrating you. We hope it’s an epic day!

Today is my friend’s child’s 5th birthday. I can’t believe he’s 5 already. He has always been the sweetest, most thoughtful child. Happy Birthday, Child!

Happy birthday to my best friend’s little princess in the world!! I love you to the moon and back ❤️.

Turning 5 is so big! here’s to more adventures with my favorite little man, who has a heart for adventure. Happy birthday. 🎂

For Your Grandchild

Happy Birthday to my grandbaby!!! 5 years old and you brighten up every room you enter with your smile and laugh. We love you to the moon and back!!! ❤️🎂

Wow. Happy 5th birthday to the sweetest, most tender-hearted child on planet Earth. I’m so, so lucky to have you as my grandchild! 🍰

Happy Birthday grandchild of mine. You continue to sparkle in our lives. Love you 💛

🚢 Happy 5th Birthday to this amazing boy! You’re never too young to make a difference….Love you big, grandchild.

Happy 5th Birthday to the most special little granddaughter of mine that has stolen my heart right from when she was born. #ballerina 💗 ☀✨🎈

I am so proud of who you are and all the ways you make my life sweeter and more fun. __BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

No better feeling than seeing your grandkid on her 5th birthday! Love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, dearest. #grandparentlife.

Happy 5th birthday to my grandson. A big boy with lots of great things that makes me proud.

Happy 5th birthday, buddy! Here’s to many more years of grand adventures together 😜.

What a joy to watch you grow up, kid. You bring me so much happiness. I am beyond proud and beaming with pride. Love you so much.

That moment when they smile because they realize that they are loved.  Just so grateful for this baby girl. Happy birthday, dear.

Happy Birthday to my sweet granddaughter! Turning 5, it’s hard to believe how much you’ve grown. you are one of my biggest blessings and I pray you have a very happy special day.

What a joy to celebrate your 5th birthday today! It’s her birthday!! I’m so proud of you Sweetheart, happy 5th birthday.