Acroyoga Instagram Captions with Quotes

Captions are a great way to express your personality (and, of course, attract attention to your profile).   But if you’re like most people, you may not have encountered the world of acroyoga before.  What is it?  How do I do it?  How can I share that on Instagram?  Should I be posting pictures of acroyoga at all? …and, well, the answer is here.

Use these Acroyoga Instagram captions to inspire your next session. And thank us later.

What Is the Point of Acro Yoga?

Acro yoga is a fun, alive, playful practice where two people join together on a mat to learn from each-other. Acro yoga was born as an offshoot of youga – it actually means ‘acrobatic yoga’.

This page has acroyoga quotes and captions for instagram.

1. I do Acroyoga because…

2. The yoga of partnership.

3. With over 65, 000 followers on Instagram and counting, it’s easy to see why I do Acroyoga.

4. This is my happy place. Acroyoga brings out all the kids in me that miss recess and have no time limits on play!

5. In Acroyoga You have to find the perfect balance between your body and the others. The best moments are those when your ego disappears and you can focus on trust, balancing, alignment, and movement.

6. It takes a special kind of person to do AcroYoga.

7. A personal account, celebrating yoga.

8. It’s the perfect combo of balance, strength and flexibility.

9. Aspire to inspire. Aspire to live in sync with the moment and move effortlessly through life. #Acroyoga.

10. Ohh…the feeling of flying, or flying through the air. 🙂 #acroyoga.

Have you ever thought about the perfect Acroyoga Instagram caption? We all know that the caption is just as important as the photo. The two can make or break an image, and people are constantly searching for the perfect caption.  We did some research and came up with some great Instagram captions that are sure to inspire your next photo.

11. Let’s get weird. Let’s get awesome. Let’s get up on each other and do AcroYoga.

12. Once an underdog, yoga has come into its own as a mainstream fitness trend. But not all yogis are the best acrobats.

13. Mirror, meet muscle. Muscle, meet mirror. #Acroyo.

14. This is how we grow together. #acroyoga.

15. Feel the vibes on this Thursday with our favorite yoga poses inside a tent. #acrofeeling.

16. Making a dreamer work for it is what makes it so great.

17. Just when you thought your body couldn’t do any more…

18. Playing on the popularity and trendiness of yoga, combining with Acroyoga.

19. No partner? Don’t sweat it. Acroyoga makes like easy to learn and fun.

20. Our dreams are made of these! #acroyoga.

21. Levitate and float with us, you too can!

22. When you meet the right partner, you can feel in your bones that it’s the beginning of something beautiful. You aren’t afraid to take big risks and go vertical with someone for the first time, because you trust each other completely. #acroway.

23. Working on my balance like…

24. Throw yourself into the flow and get lost in the moment.

25. Jumping through this weekend together.

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