Chess Captions for Instagram with Quotes

As the title suggests, this post will be about chess captions for Instagram posts. It also shows the feelings behind playing chess, it best describes the emotions you put into playing this wonderful game. Captions on any social platform are a great way to engage with your audience, and it’s especially a way to show your passion and all that you are about on Instagram.

The problem is, it can be difficult to come up with a caption that’s both interesting and appropriate. In today’s society, everyone is looking for a great caption to make their profile more interesting. I noticed that many people don’t know how to make a good caption for their Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter accounts. I’m trying to help you with these chess captions below.

So, scroll through and take a look at some of the amazing captions I have below for you.

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Making a comeback in chess as this month’s featured sport. Watch the Global Chess Challenge!

Few things in life are as satisfying as a crisp game of chess over coffee. ☕

Every checkmate starts with the first move. 🎼

Thoughts and moves on the board danced prettily in my head.

New to chess? Be sure to learn the rules of the board and how each piece moves.

With an old game, you never know who’s gonna win.

Chess is the ultimate game. Beating a master, means you’ve reached the top of your game. To keep growing, you must challenge yourself every day in all sorts of ways.

Ready for a game? We have chess boards, puzzles and cards to help you find your next opponent.

Let the games begin as we relaunch a classic with @legendary 🤔 #startyourlegend

Chess is the ultimate place to have fun by playing a game of #chess.

Are you a #chess player? Let’s get together for a quick game.

Chess is an endgame, as perfect and concise as any work of art.

Make the right move with Fiur, a crowdsourced chess app that uses community members to make sure you always win by playing like a grandmaster.

Chess: So much more than a game.

Endless moves and possibilities. Exercise your mind with chess puzzles every.

Opening up to new opportunities is a great feeling…like using the L-shaped castle wall opening in this game of chess.

Playing the board game with a buddy or two is a great way to practice brain health.

Ah, the sweet satisfaction of a job well played.

May the coolest move win.‬ Two kings battling for control of the mind, crowning a new champion…

With more people playing chess than ever before, we all benefit.

Let the games begin!  Fall chess tournament registration is open now. Register today to guarantee your spot.

It’s International Chess Day! Play a game, or just play around 🙂 #chessplayer #chessgame

Be the greatest version of yourself by playing more chess in your life.

Move the pieces of your game and watch your creativity come to life. #chess

Chess takes ages to learn, but a lifetime to master. Try it today and see how you stack up with your friends 👍

Playing chess is a lot like life. You get out of it what you put into it. Study hard, work hard, and be smart about everything you do on the board.

Always remember your next move!

Chess is an art, a science, a sport, and a way of life.

IT’S TIME: Two of your favourite players 👑 will face off at this time. Watch it all live.

A perfect mate for a rainy day, #chess

Play for the love of the game. Play for your next Grandmaster. Play for a pat on the back when you’ve finished a hard day’s work. Play to achieve new goals and milestones, or just play for fun!

Ludus is Latin for play or game. And that’s what chess is to us—playful, absorbing, captivating. We’re passionate about the game and its ability to expand minds while being easy to learn, challenging.

Two things I can’t live without my coffee and chess.

Are you ready to #startasquare? Play 1 game of chess every day for a year. Onward.

Part of the #chess20 celebration, celebrating the diverse and passionate community of chess players!

I’d like a set of these to smell so fresh while I’m playing chess…

I love playing chess in my free time to help me think critically and clearly.

Let’s play chess, it’s so much more fun than fighting. Checkmate.

Life (at times) can be like a game of chess.

Adaptability, strategy, and deception are all crucial pieces to your success. You’re always one step ahead in the game.

Let’s play #chess, is a sport of mind!

Life is a game! There are no opponents, only partners-in-time. Play without fear!

‘The physical and mental benefits of chess can help children become smarter, happier and kinder… in other words, better students and overall contributors to our society!’ – a quote from Dr Stuart Brown, Founder & President of the National Institute for Play

Chess is a wonderful game for anyone, of any age. It’s a liberating, brain-fuelling experience that anyone can learn whether you’re school-aged or an adult. We at International Chess Tours want to make sure.

Chess is an intellectual game that develops over time. It is played all around the world and captivates people. For many, chess is a way to test your skills and improve as you try to outsmart your opponent. Some love to play.

We have had a great time this week with the chess players for @commoncause.

We’re few days until the chess super-tournament is on. Top-rated players under age 13 battling it out for world title, winner’s purse and legendary prizes up for grabs!

Did you know that chess is the #1 game in the average player’s age bracket? Check out our homepage to learn more and start a new chapter in your life — it’s never too late to learn a new skill.

“Chess was so easy. Checkers is so hard.” ― Will Smith

Chess is more than a game. It’s a lesson in strategy, problem-solving, and human psychology…and ultimately an exercise in self-control.

Playing ⚱ with my barista is better than playing chess with an AI…

They’re moving in the right direction… #chess

Got the right piece in place? Keep going. Checkmate.

Through the years, chess has always been a source of inspiration for Sensen. The game’s beauty is in its infinite number of possibilities and solutions, perfectly exemplifying our culture of continuous creation. @sencenofficial #senc

Get ready for a battle of wits! chess tournament rules on my mind

It’s the final countdown! The World Chess Championship kicks off today and runs through the month. Follow along with the entire event in real-time on our IGTV page. Note: Some content may not be suitable for all audiences.

Some chess players are born. Some achieve chess mastery through hard work and practice. Few ever achieve chess mastery without a profound understanding of all aspects of the game.

You can win the game, but you can’t beat the person.

Tap into your competitive edge with these deals on chess sets—always ready to make your master move.

It’s #ChessWeek! Celebrate the game of Kings with a board, pieces, and your friends. Even if you’re not a master player like @Billchicago, anyone can #playlikeamaster

Chess is a sport for the mind — there’s no age limit. Here’s to never stopping learning, and sharing what we know.

Chess is more than a game. It’s an intellectual test that promotes critical thinking and sharpens problem-solving skills while introducing kids to the world of STEM 😎

Swap out your Pawn for a new Queen today… #OneQueenAtATime

This Is The Best Time To Get Fired Up About Chess.

An exciting time of year for chess players, with the upcoming World Chess Championship and (hopefully) some nice weather in New York City. . .

Eyes have never seen, ears have never heard, of anything like chess. Chess is the Joy of Kings.

Chess time equals happy time. 🎳

There’s one move I never make without thinking about it. It works if you have sound judgment, positional understanding, and excellent tactical eyesight. If you can work on these three things, you’ll be a much better player.

Chess is the ultimate test of a genius. Find out more about checkers.

Chess is an endless journey… one that never really ends. Checkmate. #chess

Chess may be the oldest game in the world, but it can be surprisingly athletic. Not just for knocking off a King, but also to get your 💪swoll.

Chess unites us. It teaches us how to win with grace, and lose with honour.

The story of #AlphaZero, a computer program that achieved the highest level of chess mastery in just 4 hours #chess

Just like in chess, you want to get your pawns out quickly and set up their support. Move to master all 4 phases of the game—early, mid, late, endgame.

Think before you move. Plan your strategy. Study the board, find your next opportunity”.

Playing a game of chess is a great way to spend time with your friends.

If you’re playing chess, why not pay to play and win money?

I am an expert chess player. Come prove your skills, I’m available.

I’m playing in the #capitalsopen champion tomorrow! Watch here ⏩

There’s no win or draw in chess. Either you win or you learn.

Playing good chess requires me to think several steps ahead. I also like the various phases of the game—including the planning stage, the learning stage, and the recall stage.

If I had a dime for every time I got checkmated, I’d own the world. 😜

Love is a battlefield. #Chessnot checkers #chess

I’ve been playing chess since I was 5 years old – I absolutely love this game because it cultivates the skills that are important to me: creativity, problem-solving, and infinite possibilities.

This is how I feel about playing chess and it will be how we are connected on a deeper level.

I’m going to King’s Day. Will you play?

Love is a game that doesn’t require a scorecard. But if you’re keeping one, you’re winning.

You can be a grandmaster in the art of paying.

This year is a new beginning for me and playing chess online with friends has really helped. I am grateful to you and all my friends for helping me smile and enjoy life again.

Playing chess is a great way to clear your mind and gain mental clarity.

It’s an honour to defend my title in the championship #Chessgamescom

Chess is #myhobby. I’m a chess player. I play #payschess

I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see people engage in playing chess – from the outside, it looks tactical but inside it is full of both fun & strategy.

#chess is my hobby Follow me to get a dose of #chesschat every week.  I’ll be talking beginner tips, funny chess stories, and whatever else comes to mind on my quest to make chess fun for everyone.

Without passion, life is a journey seen but not lived. ⚔️🖨 #chess

Winning with white. My favourite colour on the chessboard.

Doppler chess is relentlessly analysing and adapting. It’s a game of chess that makes you think & perform better.

Paying chess is my hobby, playing chess for money is my job.

Keep your eye on #paychess! I’m really excited about this one, it should be a lot of fun 😀. #keep #on #paying #chess

I play chess. It’s my hobby!!!

My love for chess runs deep, and it’s so nice to discover people with similar passions. Checkmate!

I love playing chess with a twist on the board, and since you can play forward or backwards, watch out for my game-changing moves every month.

I love playing chess; it’s a hobby that helps me challenge my mind and connect with friends.

Don’t overthink it. Try to keep calm and have as much fun as you can while playing your chess.

I don’t think of chess as a competition; I just like solving puzzles.

Challenge yourself to learn something new…play a game of chess this weekend.

Chess is a game that embraces the equal rights of its participants. No matter who you are or where you’re from – if you have the skills to play, the rest is up to you. The only limits are what you set for yourself.

I believe in the splendour of chess. I enjoy the games and I like winning. My favourite part is feeling like I’ve just won a battle.

Chess is an inherently complex game—there’s just no way around it. Winning takes the right combination of strategy and skill, but that’s why chess is so much fun—and rewarding in the end when you can take it home.

Chess has inspired some of the greatest minds in history, moving beyond the game to influence art, strategy and science.

This #ChessMonday, we celebrate our Chess Club members who are always keeping their minds sharp.

Been playing a lot of chess lately, and felt like spotlighting my skills in the game I’m so passionate about. In fact, I even won the championship! 😎

Playing chess = thinking ahead four or five moves; ignoring the outside world for at least an hour; total concentration and engagement with yourself and the board; and gaining a greater appreciation for the power of planning.

I’m a guy that likes to stay in shape and chess is one of my favourite ways to do it.

Playing chess since a kid, a game that requires high concentration and patience. I enjoy drawing whenever I had free time.

Hi, guys welcome ☏☺☻🌌I’m very happy today you can watch chess online.

I never said I was aiming for grandmaster. I just like the game. You can call me a casual, not a noob.

Good coffee, good moves, good friends. Coffee meets chess. Art of playing chess.

A game of chess is a battle of strategy and tactics between two opponents. A common interest in art unites friends and foes alike, and it’s possible that at the intersection of those interests lies a chance for friendship. It’s the art of paying.

Behold a world-class chess match as it unfolds before your own eyes at The Art of Paying.

Chess is a game that we can play… forever. It is also a muse and a passion for some of the greatest minds in history.

What #chess is to money, art is to $$. Invest in what inspires you! #artwork #contemporaryartist #artist

Many positions in chess seem simple, but when you look deeper, they are advantageous to one side or the other. Beautiful game 😎

Chess is the best tension reliever, kicking back on a rainy day and playing chess will calm you down.

Pay attention to what’s happening around you. It could come in handy later in life. #artofpayingchess

Life is a should find your style. #Chessmanart

No one can say life is fair. But our chess sets help to make the game fairer…& colourful!

Meeting like this is common in our country. Chess is a good thing in my life. I will cherish the time with friends playing chess …

Looking forward to taking up the game of chess again tomorrow after a long hiatus. Expect to find me lurking in the less-travelled corners of the board.

The art of paying, never chess. -The King and I

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the art. #prayforparis #chesslife #imagination_sports

Everything has its opening. It’s your task is to find it. #chess

Learning a new skill is like travelling: you never stop discovering. What’s the next chapter in your journey? #ArtOfPayingChess

Thinking about taking a chess class, but not sure what to expect from one? Read real reviews & learn everything you need to know.

Chess is a game that nourishes the mind and unlocks creativity.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, playing chess is one game that can never get old. It’s a game of thinking ahead, but more than anything else, it’s a game of imagination. So let your mind wander while you challenge yourself.

The art of paying is to allow the audience to feel winning.  When it’s real, people will pay more.

I have read all the chess manuals. I know all the theory and the fundamentals of chess play, but nevertheless my results against Master…

Playing chess 4 U is still cheaper than therapy #sojustin

Good players see a move twelve or twenty‐five moves ahead. Great players see the potential of the position. They do not concentrate on chess, but on chess play, on the creative possibilities of the position.