Embroidery Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Embroidery is what many people are using to express themselves, and for some, it is a way to pass time, it is a hobby for many too. The beauty of embroidery is that it is handmade and it can be a form of art. Regardless of your age, gender, or profession, embroidery can be an excellent way to express yourself to others. Embroidery can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from filling up a pillowcase to making a beautiful tapestry.

It’s okay if you love embroidery and also see it as a hobby. It’s also okay if you have a couple of photos or videos to post on embroidery but you know what will make that post extraordinary, it’s embroidery captions for Instagram I have here for you. Captions should be the funniest, most entertaining part of social media posts. They can be short funny sayings, or they can be long, elaborate descriptions of an activity or situation.

The captions I have here will best describe your posts and gives it the sparks it needs.

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Fun to do once you get the hang of it. Add to that its versatility, and embroidery is great for every DIY-er!

Embroidery has been used for centuries for ornamental as well as functional purposes.

Sometimes you spend hours embroidering something when the end result is worth it because you have a piece of art that will never be forgotten.

Embroidery can be very creative. The design of this girl’s apron is simple but touching.#embroidery

Sometimes when life is at its fullest, the threads of what you love and who matter tangle together.#embroidery

It’s my vocation, it’s my passion, and it’s the way I tell people about myself!#embroidery

I’ve spent so much time thinking about what makes the love of embroidery so special—oversized pom-poms and grandmas, but mostly moms.

Embroidery is more precise than a millimetre, making it the perfect solution for high-detail needs.

My favourite upcoming project is something I’m working on for my kids. It was a design in my head, I sketched it out, scanned it in, and embroidered the design through hoop art.#embroidery

The time I spent embroidering these images was my favourite part of their design.

Embroidery for kids is the easiest way to make old clothes look new.

There’s no doubt that embroidery is cherished and loved by many.

Stitch on stitch and toil on toil until the perfect embroidery piece emerges. #stitching #embroidery

Embroidery is one of those things that makes everything just a little bit better.#embroidery

Embroidery is a craft that connects you to your heritage, family and friends all while creating unique pieces of art.

Embroidery: It’s how my cat always seems to be dressed up like a human for Halloween.

I make things, and all kinds of things are good. Especially embroidery. It reminds me of home.

This is why I love embroidery. There’s nothing like spoiling your one and only with something that was made just for him or her. It makes them seem even more special.#embroidery

Embroidery… One of my favourite ways to help make a quilt for friends.

There’s nothing like a good tablecloth to feed your need for colour and your desire to embrace the imperfection of this world. ✔

Hand embroidery is like having a conversation with the soul of the planet. It has so much depth and meaning.#embroidery

I’m a sucker for the distressed, printed look that shows I didn’t go for my usual high-maintenance style. #diamonds

I love embroidery. I also love wine, yoga pants, and salty snacks. #truestory

I went into the mountains and came back with a new perspective. I was so inspired by all that nature that I embroidered.

Embroidered lettering brings a perfect touch of romance to your wedding day.

I love the look of a hand-stitched gift. It’s like giving a special little piece of yourself.

Embroidery has the ability to bring a season, a time or a place to live.

This is why I love embroidery. It doesn’t just say it, it shows it.

Stitching is a traditional art used to embellish our day-to-day wardrobe and accessories. It is a subtle way to take a look to the next level.🌹

Easily set up on an embroidery machine, the Dragonfly is a contemporary floral pattern that will add vibrancy to your next project.

It’s all about making things look better and feel softer. We don’t just stitch on fabrics– we make them 💙

Embroidery is all about details. From one stitch to the next, I am inspired by the depth of design detail in this collection—from stitches to colors to motifs.

It’s my inspiration that creates the texture and warmth of
Embroidery; proud and pure to its core.

One of the biggest reasons I love embroidery is that it gives such a classic look to any piece.

Embroidery is the highest form of art. No matter what you put your hands to, it will no longer be self-expression.

So cute! Who knew embroidery could be so darn fun! Wish I had made more room on my blouse for more. I will next time. Thank you for the wonderful job and for being so efficient!!! Love it!!

Strong but delicate, embroidery captures the nuances of beauty within each unique fabric.

I am so in love with embroidery right now. It´s so beautiful and intriguing to me!

I love to crochet ‘Cause my grandma taught me And my mom and dad ‘Cause they were always there…#embroidery

Cotton embroidery floss is made up of six strands. Each strand has a different colour number for easy use in different embroidery patterns, each with its own style and role to play.

It’s like puffy paint… but with stitches. With all the potential… to decorate all of your stuff.

So intricate and beautiful that you can’t tell it’s embroidery.

Embroidery is magic! It makes a piece of clothing come alive. Worn well, it’s even more flattering.

Embroidery is an art that lasts. It’s a piece of you or someone you love that will last much longer than any material good.

Embroidery is the invisible art of the world, and a great way to express yourself. Let’s make it part of your creative story.

I’m addicted to designing fun and functional embroidery patterns on things that actually need it, like phone cases, tees, and sweatshirts.

Whether your day is a breeze or you’re facing a storm, you can dry off in style with this embroidered towel.

There’s no intricate machinery—not even a single thread is the same. Nothing about embroidery is ever perfect. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.

Be inspired to embroider by looking at fun, unusual, and colourful print fabrics.

I love when embroidery takes on a more traditional, craftsy vibe. It reminds me that I can use skills I’ve learned in other forms of needlework.#embroidery

I love the feeling of having a hand-embroidered shirt. It’s a simple pleasure that makes me feel like someone special.#embroidery

I am in love with my new embroidered sweatshirt. The more I wear it the prettier it looks!

The soft feel of a hand-embroidered shirt with the style to go wherever you do.

More than just pretty, embroidery is an art form. Rich in texture and colour, it stands out on any surface.

Carve a new path of your own and thread your own story with our colourful embroidered products.

I don’t use fabric swatches for anything else, but they’re so handy for staying organized when it comes to sourcing embroidery threads.

I love how easy it is to showcase our personality through our clothes.

I love embroidery. I love ambidextrous pants. I love to eat. I don’t care if it’s not cool to admit these things.