Paragliding Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Paragliding is a thrill-seeking activity and one of the most exhilarating sport. Using your own body to fly through the sky is a freedom that many people could only dream about. It is a sport that requires a lot of skills, commitment, and practice to master.

Paragliding is a form of aviation that entails taking off from a point on land, and flying through the air for a distance. While almost all paragliders are winged, a few Wingless Paragliders take to the air without a glider to hold them aloft and allow them to glide through the air.

If you are in search of amazing paragliding captions for Instagram, I have the best for you here. Enjoy using the ones you love best.

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My paraglider and I are besties. But we’re also an odd friendship; it gets me up in the air and then quietly deflates behind me as I glide down. #neverstopexploring

Higher than ever #paragliding #mountains

There are moments worth waiting for. And this is one of them. #paraglide

You’ll never truly grow if you never take risks. Challenge yourself to learn to fly a paraglider.

Real freedom is being able to go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

Climb higher in life than your wildest fears.  You can do it!

Think big, reach high, float along at #paragliders around the world!

Today is the first day of the rest of your paragliding life. We can’t wait to see where you’ll take us.

Fly High. Keep soaring. #ParaglideLife

Experience the freedom and the pure joy of paragliding with the ones you love.

Let the adventure of a lifetime begin in the skies above.

On top of the world with a bird’s-eye view. The best views are always from above.

I wanna go up #paragliding with you!

I wouldn’t be anywhere else right now. I live for these moments where I get to sit in awe of something beautiful.

Paragliding down life’s highway.

We take flight. We run wild. We do as we please, and aren’t afraid to burn a few bridges. #parapower

When you’re on a birds’ eye view of everything and the world is at your feet, there is no place like home. Happy National Paragliding Day! #phoenixparagliding

Chillin’ in the sky

You know you’re a real risk-taker if you have the guts to launch your life from a cliff. Every leap of faith is an adventure.

Life’s a breeze when you soar above it all.  #airgliding

Paragliding is one of the fastest-growing adventure sports in the world, but have you tried it yet?

Bask in the birdsong and gentle breeze high above the clear blue sky. #paragliding

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to paraglide over this perfect patch of blue.

Fall weather’s got us all feeling like we could fly (with a pilot, of course).

Ready to take on the weekend in the most epic way? Be someplace new.

It’s a good day to fly. #paragliding #adventuretime

The possibilities are endless, just live for it every day #paragliding

Multi-day weather has me feeling like I should take my fixed-wing and go paragliding.

Spent the last 48 hours strapped under a wing on top of a mountain with the greatest group of people. Take Note: This is what it feels like to be free.

Free your mind. Let’s go flying.

Strap in and get ready to break some records as you fly off the launch this season!

What if I told you there’s a way to feel more alive in an instant?

Get out of the grey winter blahs and join us in paradise!

Nothing like the thrill of gliding through the air to clear your head. #paragliding

Marking a flight over the beautiful countryside with the thrill of paragliding

Love the weekends when you get to fly.

Of course, you’re going to want a better view of the ocean.

Gliding above the Pacific Ocean like a bird.

Fall weather has arrived, and it’s a perfect time to glide through the skies! #InstaAdventure

We live for those bright sunny days when the thermals are snappy and the thermals are shifting.

Paragliding through the skies on a sunny summer day. Hope your week is off to a happy start!

If you’re on the fence about paragliding, give it a try— you won’t regret that leap of faith.

There’s a reason we fly paragliders. The feeling of soaring through the sky on a sunny day is unlike any other.

What my life feels like on a daily basis. #BeFearless

It’s always sunny when you’re soaring free in the sky.

The only thing better than knowing you’re holding your future in your hands is folding a huge stack of fresh laundry.

If you’re born to paraglide, then you’re born to do great things and carry the soul of an adventurer…

It’s time to take flight. Watch the world from a different perspective.

Like flying over a landscape, paragliding over the ocean is an experience that lets you see both the beauty of nature in the details and the vastness from afar.

Whether you’re travelling for business, your honeymoon, or just looking to get away, make sure to pack a little extra adventure.

Soar above this beautiful world and feel the freedom of the wind beneath you…

Happily Tumbling Through the Sky, Day by Day

There is a certain serenity in knowing you can fly”

Trying out paragliding on Oahu in Hawaii last week. Definitely the coolest experience I’ve had thus far. Can’t wait to get back up there!

Life keeps me jumping from one horizon to the next. #paragliding #myartofliving #keepmovingforward

Daring to live your dreams is always better than sticking to the same dull routine. Inspiration awaits when you take a leap of faith! #paragliding #adventure

Waking up to a sunrise tandem paraglide over the desert is the best way to start your day.

There’s only one thing better than paragliding, and that’s doing it with a beer in hand.

Life is a plane, we are passengers. Let’s enjoy the flight together!

Hope you’re gearing up for a lovely day. #sun #surf

I love paragliding as it takes me places that I have not been before, connecting me to nature.

I love the feeling of losing myself in the sky. It’s freedom in motion, and it never gets old.

It’s that time of the year. The weather’s getting warm, flowers are blooming, and it’s time to find your special someone and paraglide…into each other’s hearts.

The wonderful sensation while paragliding is the best feeling ever

It’s a peaceful, wonderful feeling to be up in the sky with nothing but me and my wing between me and the world below. #paragliding #kruemelwurzelinsel

Let’s go hike in the woods. Let’s go camping. Let’s go climb a mountain. Let’s go paragliding.

This is me, wearing my #adventurepillow everywhere, in preparation of all the adventures to come.

You can do this sport for as long as you like. You can just be a weekend warrior, flying occasionally, or you can progress and eventually compete. To me, it’s never too late to try something new.

Nothing compares to the wind in your hair and sunshine on your face.  #LoveParagliding

Feeling the breeze against your face while you fly. This next adventure is calling us both. #loveparagliding

I love to paraglide. It takes me to a state of pure exhilaration. I can reach heights that took me hours to climb in 15 minutes.

The steering on this boat is broken and the captain is asleep at the wheel. Life can be a bumpy ride sometimes, but just keep calm and paraglide on.

We’re always up for an adventure, but there’s something extra exhilarating about packing your paraglider into a backpack and just going.

Sometimes I just want to take off and fly like a bird above the clouds. These guys are living out my dream.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Love is in the air

I love paragliding because of the extreme views it gives me, and the feeling of accomplishment I feel

Did you know that paragliding is the best way to glimpse the breathtaking views of a place from above?

He’s the one who taught me how to paraglide. He let go and I kept on going up. It was awesome!

Lift off, take flight, and feel the wind in your hair. What is your quiet escape?  My day doesn’t get any better than flying high in the sky above the Rocky Mountains.

It’s a truly amazing experience. Free-spirited & so open, you feel like you can touch the sky.

Ready, set…take flight! From the crisp air and gorgeous views to my favourite people, every element of this adventure brings me boundless joy.

The best way to explore the world is to travel by air. Wanna come along?

My heart has never soared so high as when soaring in a thermal updraft.

I love paragliding because it makes me feel like I can touch the sky.

I love paragliding. Paragliding is a great way to enjoy the days when there’s fluffy white clouds in the sky.

I wish I could say that I represent the average paragliding student but that would be nonsense.

You’re only limited by the boundaries you set for yourself. I say, let’s take a flight! #flying

It’s what I love to do. It’s all I dream about. And it’s the only thing I’ve ever truly been good at.

I LOVE paragliding!

Even the sky isn’t the limit. I love paragliding, and I’m captivated by anything that has to do with flight.

Getting my pilot license has been the experience of a lifetime. I love paragliding.

Paragliding is so much more than a sport—it’s a way of life.

This is what’s on my heart today… Let me team up with @quadsports to inspire more people to jump.

I love paragliding, sharing the experience of the sky with my loved ones

Sunset soaring over the Superstition Mountains has become a favourite pastime of mine.

Don’t let the fear of falling hold you back from trying something new. #paragliding #urgebcn

There’s no better feeling than flying above the sky with the air currents carrying you along. #paragliding

My heart is full of sky, wind, and freedom!  I love paragliding.

Peaceful and free – that’s how I like to ride down the slopes.

“I love the feeling of flying but I don’t like crashing into the ground. Paragliding is the perfect mix: it’s just you, and nature, and amazing views.” —Dean Potter

Sitting atop a mountain ridge with the wind whistling past my ears, and on my face of course. It’s not been a bad summer if it hasn’t included at least one good paragliding adventure.

Mastering a new skill and feeling the rush of flying—that’s the moment paragliding is all about.

Paragliding takes me on an adventure through life. Whether I’m soaring high above the mountains or landing softly on a cliffside, there will bow be a smile on my face.

A day of picnicking and paragliding is never wasted.

When you are about to fly and your pilot gives you a thumbs up!

Imagine yourself high up there, looking down on the clouds. Gives you that same feeling, doesn’t it?

Fear of falling? Paragliding. Driving to the beach with two kids and a dog? Paragliding. Working on my laptop at Starbucks? Paragliding. Paragliding is the solution to most of my problems.

And I thought paragliding was just a headache until I discovered this view!

There’s nowhere I’d rather be than up here, in-flight #beyondtheglide.

The feeling of flying is hard to describe…but flying while looking up at granite jutting peaks, framed by the sky, makes me feel like I’m finally where I belong.

I was flying like a bird above the rolling clouds.  I don’t know if it’s because of the open space, or the touch of wind.

The sky is beautiful today, but you make it 10x more beautiful

Float like a butterfly…

There is nothing like paragliding. Hang gliding was my first love but paragliding is my true passion.

Most amazing experience, so much fun! Can’t wait to go again! #paragliding

On the coast of Oregon feeling like you’re on your way to another world #paragliding

We set out to explore another world. We found it in the sky. #paraglidinglife #ilovefly

It’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle #loveit

The view is always better when you’re higher up.

I don’t know what your dream is but mine is to fly.

The view from above, hitting the thermal…waking up “hurtling down a mountainside

Happiness is a state of mind. Our happiest moments don’t depend on what we have, or how much we have.