Ventriloquist Captions for Instagram

Ventriloquism, or ventriloquy, is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) changes his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered prop, known as a “dummy”.

Ventriloquism is also a great way to entertain children and adults alike. Ventriloquist puppets can be used in a variety of ways, including parties and plays.

It can be a fun way to entertain people, and it is also a good way to make money as a performer. If you want to start learning how to do ventriloquism, you can either do it on your own or take a class at a community college or other school.

You may not be a ventriloquist, but if you’re on Instagram, you might be engaging in a form of virtual ventriloquism. Whichever one you are, here amazing and fun ventriloquist captions for Instagram for you to use.

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Ventriloquist Captions for Instagram

Hi, I’m [entertainer name] I’ve been a ventriloquist since [year]. If you want funny entertainment, let me know.

It takes a lot of work to create a ventriloquist character! But it’s so worth it when they finally come to life. 😀😀

Meeting cute little puppets around the globe is one of the perks of my job. #ventriloquist 👋 ✈️

Get to know me. I’m friendly, clever and curious, I am a ventriloquist.

I’m not a ventriloquist, but I do make friends with strangers.

My ventriloquist doll and I love flashy new hair colour.

I can’t sing, but I can be a ventriloquist.

I’ve been working on my puppet show and finally, I’m ready to take it on tour! Proudly ventriloquist.

I could do this for hours. I love being a ventriloquist.

I have an interesting friend. Sometimes he talks for me, sometimes, I speak to him. #ventriloquism

Finally reunited with my friend for some ventriloquist fun! 🎤📺 #ventriloquism

We’ve got a new show in the works, and we can’t wait to get back on tour. See you soon! Proudly ventriloquist.

I’ve been told I suffer from delusions of grandeur and I kind of agree with that.

★★★ Hello, I’m a ventriloquist. You probably can’t tell that I’m a ventriloquist.

Bringing some puppets on Instagram to make you smile! New videos coming soon.

The dog is my best friend, the ventriloquist´s dummy is my best family.

I’ll just be over here trying to get my pup to like me again.🙈

Ventriloquism is the ability to create the illusion that your voice is coming from somewhere else.

When you can move your mouth without moving your lips, you have mastered the art of ventriloquism.

One day I will be able to talk in multiple voices at once with no problem and it will be the best thing ever.

Hoping this ventriloquist’s performance is good, fellas.

The first rule of ventriloquism is, don’t look at the lips.

I can’t believe I get paid to literally talk to myself all-day, but it’s fun.

I love having fun with my puppets! This is what I do all day.

I’m the kind of person who finds a ventriloquist show absolutely terrifying.

My love is like a ventriloquist, it throws my voice away from me. •

I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from yours.

Friendship is born in a moment, grows over time, and lasts an eternity. My puppets are my friends.

I love ventriloquy, but it’s tough to find a good dummy these days.

Just a reminder that I love ventriloquy, so don’t be surprised if you ever see me talking without moving my lips.

I’ve always loved ventriloquy. But I’ve always been sad that good dummies are so hard to find.

I’m a ventriloquist.🎤 Go ahead, talk to your plants. Science says they can hear you!

I love ventriloquy. It’s often the way I express myself when I’m upset or angry

fast-talking I love ventriloquy, it’s pretty much my favourite hobby ever.

I love ventriloquy, but I’m terrible at it. It’s too hard to talk without moving my lips.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actor. Then I found ventriloquy and discovered that it’s almost as cool as being a wizard.

Is everybody ready for some ventriloquy? I love it, but the audience always finds it a bit spooky.

I’ve always wanted to be a ventriloquist. I just love throwing my voice into things.

Throwback to the days when I was living my best life and learning how to be a ventriloquist.

Why do you never see a ventriloquist with a parrot on his shoulder? Because they’re more fun to get out! 😂🦜

Ventriloquist by day. Pigeon enthusiast by night. #sidehustle

I love ventriloquy and I want to be a ventriloquist later in the future. 🤗

I really love ventriloquy.

I’m grateful for my voice and my voice is grateful for me. #Ventriloquist

We’re here to make your next event a memorable one with real looking adult size ventriloquist puppets.

Smart, good looking and a ventriloquist. What’s not to like?

Halloween costume: ventriloquist.

The world is a giant puppet stage.

😍😍😍 Ventriloquy is a must-try. 😍😍😍

I am a ventriloquist and I absolutely love it.

I only took up ventriloquy because I really love to talk.

There’s so much to learn about the art of ventriloquy. The more I dive into this craft, the more I have left to learn!

The ventriloquist is the true master of disguise.

In case you’re wondering what I’m up to this weekend – going over my grocery list and practising my ventriloquism 😜📝

I love ventriloquy because it’s a nice way to talk without feeling like I’m talking.

I’m a ventriloquist, I carry my ventriloquism everywhere I go. 😂

I hope you like this ventriloquism as much as I do. If not, let’s try to find something else you like!

Takes new meaning when you’ve got a puppet to fight with.

I love ventriloquy, but I can’t keep it up for long.

Mmm, mmm, I love ventriloquy.

My favourite hobby is pretending I’m a ventriloquist and scaring people.

Happy #nationalventriloquismweek. I really love the art of ventriloquism.

I love ventriloquy. The “dummy” gives me total control over the conversation.

It’s been a while since I made a post here. Here is some ventriloquy for you!

Hey, if you’ve always wanted to learn ventriloquism, I’m told the trick is to start by just saying a bunch of words without moving your lips. 😂

Here’s another thing I’m grateful for! More time with my hand puppet friends.

It’s not a voice in your head, it’s just me—talkin’ to you! 👀🙊

You’ve got to play with your audience. You have to listen and react to them, work with them as much as you can.

We’re bringing the imagination back. ✨

In a world where you can be anything, be kind and be a ventriloguist.

I love ventriloquy. It’s where you talk and your stomach answers back.

I love ventriloquy: the only art form where you can be a puppet and tell people to suck it! 😂👍

Ventriloquy is the art of throwing your voice. It works best with a little dummy and a lot of practice.

Easier than it sounds, ventriloquy is the art of throwing your voice. I’ve been practising, so let me know if you can hear me in your head right now!

Don’t be scared, I’m friendly. Ventriloquy is the art of throwing one’s voice. It’s a fun way to bond with people.

Ventriloquism is the art of throwing your voice so it seems to come from somewhere else. I’m perfecting my skills – let me know if you hear a whisper in your head (that’s me!).

The art of ventriloquy is something that has fascinated me since I was a kid. It’s as much a science as it is an art, but it’s a lot of fun so I hope you don’t mind me practising on you.

Ventriloquy is the art of speaking or singing without moving one’s lips. It is a useful skill for communicating with friends silently.

Do you have a favourite ventriloquist? My dad used to take me to see them as a kid and I remember being amazed at the way they could talk without moving their lips.

Here’s a little ventriloquism to get you through hump day.

There’s only one thing I like more than coffee, and that’s puppets.

The only time I feel at home is when I’m on stage.

I love ventriloquy and that’s no lie!. 🤓

Today on my To-Do list: 1. Practice ventriloquy 2. Perform ventriloquy 3. Teach others to perform ventriloquy 4. Eat 5. Sleep

My mom always told me to study hard in school so I could one day be a ventriloquist.

I can’t wait for our annual ventriloquism festival to meet all the other like-minded dummies.

It’s always a good time when the puppets are out. 🤩

My voice is getting away from me again. 🤗

I love ventriloquy, but I hate the dummy.

So excited to be heading back to the city where I fell in love with ventriloquism!

Throwing it back to when my favourite hobby was pretending I had a friend by doing ventriloquism. #tbt

I’m working on a new character. He doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s definitely a troublemaker. 😉 #ventriloquism

Ventriloquy is a fun hobby and there are so many different types of puppets to enjoy.

Why does everything turn into a ventriloquist act when I take it out of my mouth?

We’re looking for new audiences to entertain. Is that you and your friends?

Instead of ranting, I’m going to practice ventriloquism with my dog.

Being a ventriloquist is cool. It’s like being two people at the same time.

The best part about ventriloquy is when you’re hanging with puppets and you don’t have to share your snacks.

Ventriloquy: a weapon or a skill I use to pull us together.

Ventriloquist. It’s hard to spell but I enjoy it when I get it right.

What has tongues, but can’t talk? My puppets!

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