70+ Best of Wedding Bells Captions and Quotes

As wedding season kicks into high gear, it’s important for brides-to-be to remember that there’s more to choosing a wedding hashtag than making sure it isn’t already taken. Wedding hashtags have to be meaningful, inspirational, and memorable. If you’ve been struggling to come up with a clever wedding hashtag, check out this list of 70 unique wedding hashtags to get some inspiration for your big day.

Now, no matter what you want to say there is always a caption for it.  You can find the perfect caption for your social media posts, messages, and captions.  We have been developing caption ideas since the dawn of the internet.  Our social media captions are updated regularly so you can find the perfect ones for use.

So, here’s to your wedding bells captions and quotes for Instagram, facebook, Twitter and other social sites.

Wedding Bells Soon Quotes

I love to caption the moment! The wedding bells are ringing and another couple is to joining the trend of beautiful homes. #boundless.

1. When you realize it’s just going to be you and her soon… #weddingbells.

2. Can’t wait to celebrate 🥂 with you! #bridetobe.

3. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and me, my love. #weddingbells.

4. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Now that we are joined for life, let’s create unforgettable moments together. #weddingbells #MrAndMrs.

5. I’m so excited to see I’m finally spending the rest of my life with you! #weddingbells.

6. Wedding bells, at last 💍. I’m rooting for you guys!

7. You guys are starting off the first day of the rest of your lives! congratulations!

8. Starting off the first day of the rest of our lives, being better together than we were before. #HotPinkWeddding.

9. I just can’t wait to call you my husband 💐.

10. Excellent #weddingbells are ringing.  😍.

11. To the ones who have made it this far… our deepest congratulations. ❤️#weddingbells.

12. It’s about time for the most exciting season of all—wedding season. 💑 #weddingbells.

13. I can’t wait to call you my one and only wife 💐.

14. The world is eager for your official union #soontobemrandmrs.

15. It’s official! Here are the next Mr and Mrs. #weddingbells.

16. I know the feelings too! It’s worth the wait, dear. #weddingbells.

17. I’m happy for you, dear friend! #weddingbells ringing.

18. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you ! 💍.

19. Ding dong… these guys are getting married this weekend 💍 #weddingbells.

20. I can’t wait to celebrate all of the most special moments with you, here and abroad. 💍.

21. I can’t wait for the day when I can say “I do” #weddingbells.

22. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve said, “I love weddings” but I think it’s because they’re so meaningful and full of those kinds of moments. It’s a day that is all about celebrating two people in.

23. How much do you love weddings? Love love love ❤️ them! That moment when you’re watching your friends say “I do” is truly magical. Everyone feels all the feels at once😍.

24. ☝🏼Ring in the 💍💕✨.

25. I can’t wait for the wedding bells to ring later this year—it’s been a long time coming! 💍.

26. There are moments when a groom can’t take his eyes off of his beautiful bride. And there are moments when a bride can’t stop staring at her handsome groom #weddingbells.

27. Invite only wedding bells will be ringing this season. Wedding planning doesn’t end in the engagement. It begins here.

28. Two things are inevitable: death and wedding bells.

29. Finally we are getting married! #weddingbells.

30. Get ready for some wedding bells! ☀❤.

31. Wedding bells are in the air…

32. Get ready for wedding season with a new dress, new makeup, and new haircuts from our partners at Drybar. #weddingseason.

33. Tie the knot already! We can’t wait to eat the wedding cake 💍.

34. Celebrating love and life with these lovebirds as they say their vows. 💍.

35. It’s truly amazing how happy you make me. I love you so much and I’m so excited to spend the rest of our lives together. ❤.

36. Sometimes love is closer than you think. #loveislove #vows.

37. Takes two to tango. Takes a whole village to plan the greatest wedding ever. Here’s to our partners in love.

38. It’s a special day when two people in love come together to say “I do.” Congrats you two!

39. May your love shine as brightly as these happy faces. (and be just as contagious).

40. Love is all around. #WeddingDay.

41. You have made the journey from friendship to engagement, and now today, two of my favorite things have gotten married. Congratulations, @joeyandashley !!! #Friends2Wed #CongratsAshleyandJoe.

42. It’s about to happen.. #ring_that_bell #momentslikethis.

43. It’s the final countdown to the big day! 💍🎶💏.

44. Excited to announce the joining of our lives—see you there, sweetheart! 💍.

45. So excited to celebrate the joyous occasion of a marriage #wedding bells ringing.

46. That moment when the officiant asks, “Who gives this bride away?” and you join all the others replying, “I DO.” #weddingbells #OurOnlyHope #refreshinglyC.

47. My favorite thing about weddings—the first time seeing the bride after it’s all over.

48. When we say “I do”, we’ll want you there.

49. I’m really looking forward to seeing my partner in this beautiful gown and saying our vows.

50. Finding my favorite wedding dress was the easiest part about planning our special day. It’s full of special, simple moments like this one. I can’t wait for the big day.

51. Last minute plans always make for the greatest adventures.

52. Wedding season is in full swing. We can’t wait for the bells to ring. Cut the cake with our super sharp icing! 🍰.

53. Getting ready for the big day. #cantwait #evebride.

54. Here comes the bride! So excited to see our favorite bride and groom, so in love ☆👰.

55. Berto, I’m in love with you from the moment I woke up this morning. Here’s to a lifetime of perfect mornings.

56. This is the weekend. This is the one.

57. They say all good things must come to an end, but not our beautiful partnership. We couldn’t love you more! ✨ #WeddingBells.

58. No place like Rome ✈️ #marriagebootcamp.

59. It’s a special day for a special someone. And nothing but the best will do. Happy Anniversary!.

60. Two shall become one. One of your favorite and one of ours. So breathe in and smile. For the wind is blowing, just right. To have and to hold from this day forward. Until the end of time. _ #wedding.

61. When you and your partner say ‘I do,’ you’re both saying, ‘I will try very hard to make this person happy. I love them.’.

62. Ting is not just another pretty ring. #RingTheChanges.

63. Love is… finding someone who still makes you laugh after all these years. 💍.

64. Ring, ring, ring the wedding bells 💍 It’s always an honour to share in the joy of two people who look forward to a lifetime of happiness. #HappilyEverAfter.

65. We’re ringing in the spring with a fresh new collection, from boho-inspired bridal gowns to fun separates for every season. Stop in today.

66. The most romantic thing that can happen to you is marriage. That’s why we want to make your wedding everything you have dreamed of and more.

67. Breathe it all in, bride. You’re having the time of your life. Congrats on getting married. 😘👰🏽.

68. Engagement stories are the best. ♥.

69. Two quarters, four dimes, and one penny make a wish! 🙏🏻 #bridetobe.

70. Nothing warms the heart like seeing someone so boundlessly happy, full of gratitude, and in love 💍.

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