Mini Golf Captions for Instagram with Quotes

You can play golf anytime, anywhere, in your own house using mini golf. Play on your own or have a tournament with friends and family. Who needs the stresses of real golf? Mini Golf is perfect for a fun day at home with the family. Try not to lose too many balls though!

Mini golf is the best. It is much better than real golf for a variety of reasons. There are a lot fewer rules, it’s cheaper, and you only play a round if you can finish on par. Playing mini golf is a great way to spend an afternoon in the field. You and your friends could play together in your free time. You should play it if you have the opportunity because it’s healthy and lots of fun.

Here are some mini-golf captions to use on Instagram to show your friends how much fun you’re having with your mini golf date.

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Mini Golf Instagram Captions

  • The countdown is on to mini-golf season—#playmorelacrosse
  • Swing into summer with some great times at mini-golf.
  • Play mini-golf with your favorite people.
  • It’s a sunny day. It’s warm outside. It’s time to play mini-golf! ◽◽◽
  • Mini golf: The perfect mini-game for your next mini-vacation. 😎
  • Ridiculous mini golf with my favorite little buddy.
  • Miniature golf is like real life, except we’re ok with hitting the same putt repeatedly.
  • Nothing is better than a long weekend of mini-golf, drinking, and sunshine ☀🎣
  • Miniature golf with my buddies. Nothing better.
  • I love mini golf as much as I love these fun nail designs 🎉 #iloveminigolf #sundayfunday #shopdk 🐰
  • 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨Just kids being kids. See the world in the miniature version of itself. #weloveminigolf
  • With every putt, mini golf makes us feel happy and relaxed. Love that feeling.
  • Let’s talk about the mini-golf tourney we played at dinner.
  • Nothing says summer like playing mini-golf on a beautiful day with your friends. Awww yeah! 🏌👙
  • Ready for some mini-golf with the fam?
  • Miniature golf game 🏌🏻‍♀️☀️ #golf #minigolf
  • Get your golf game in shape before the snow sets out with a fun round today.
  • Enjoy a shorter round, faster pace, and more scoring opportunities. #skillsforsummer
  • Sometimes it takes a bit of doubt to transform into pure success when it comes to golfing.
  • No better way to start a Sunday than with a mini-golf tournament. #minigolf
  • There’s no better way to lose a few hours than with some #iloveminigolf time with your friends.
  • We love mini-golf. We love mini golfers. We love mini-golf tournaments. We even love mini golf baggage carts because they’re so cute! 🍁🍁
  • Mini golf is a great escape from the grind of adulting.
  • Scoring with your mini-golf partner shows you’ve got some major #goals in common. Make a hole-in-one at the nearest course.
  • Amen to that. We’re a few years removed from our days working in a miniature golf course, and now we’re ready for the “real” thing at @holidayworld 😎 #FindYourFun.
  • Dimple your golf ball down that winding pitch, aiming for the hole—the perfect summer getaway.
  • Life is too short not to play mini-golf

Funny Mini Golf Captions for Instagram

  • Such good vibes at mini-golf 🎠
  • No matter how much I practice or how good I get at mini-golf, there’s always one hole that eludes me… I couldn’t put the ball into this hole for the longest time. I would take my shots and try.
  • just a normal day out at the mini-golf course with my best friend 😁
  • Mini-golfing with friends after a day at the beach is one of our favorite things to do this time of year!
  • mini golfing is seriously one of the best feelings 😍
  • Mini golf makes my heart soooo happy ⛳️🏌️
  • mini golfing with buddies👭🍎
  • Playing mini golf can take you from 0 to 18 holes of excitement in minutes, whether you’re celebrating with friends or cheering on your kids at their next big event, Hole in One Mini.
  • It’s a good day for a good round of mini-golf 🏌
  • We found our favorite #golfcourses to #play this season.
  • Moons, stars, and dots, oh my! Mini golf is our favorite way to make an ordinary day extraordinary. 🌟🌠☀
  • There’s nothing like the sound of flying golf balls and breaking putters during a game of mini-golf with friends. It’s such a fun way to spend a summer day!😎
  • Play mini-golf. Choose your ideal weather from various cool, warm and breezy options. Hit the green with your friends. It will be a grand time but remember to make every shot count!
  • The Mini Golf World Championship is back! Watch some of the world’s best mini golfers compete for the title. Who’s your ultimate player? #MiniGolfWorlDChamps
  • Doing mini golf with your friends—and beating them all―feels like your first kiss.
  • You’ve got the choice. Eighteen holes of mini-golf or 6 holes of regular golf. What do you choose?
  • Put your golf game on the ice this summer and freeze your putt for some cool mini golf #summerfun ☀️🍁
  • There’s a mini-golf tournament, a soapbox derby, and an old-fashioned ice cream social! We’ve got the perfect costume for your little golfer, derby racer, or sundae lover.

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